• Original autumn lamp candlestick: we create romantic mood

    Autumn has come, which means that looking out of the window, you can see on the street a riot of colors - yellow, red, brown, absolutely all colors of nature. Just like nature decorates the streets of the city, you can decorate your house, because the colorful leaves of the trees are a wonderful material for autumn crafts. Today we offer you to create a cozy, romantic mood in your own apartment by creatingoriginal autumn lamp candlestick.

    So, we will need:

    • small glass vases or glasses
    • glue gun (or glue)
    • multi-colored autumn leaves (it's better if they are a little wet, so it will be easier to work with them)
    • candles

    We proceed to the manufacture of:

    At the base of the leaves add a few drops of glue.

    We begin to paste over a vase or glass on top.

    Note that it is necessary to stick the leaves on the top of the vase carefully so that the leaves do not catch fire from the candle.

    The more multicolored leaves, the more interesting our candlestick will look. After the glue dries, you can place an ordinary candle inside the vase or a flameless one on the battery (depending on whether you need a candlestick or a lamp).

    Put a couple of such lamps - candlesticks on the window and enjoy the autumn romantic mood!

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