• Oprah Winfrey told how she managed to lose 18 kilos

    Last year, the star managed to lose 28 kilograms, and this is another 18!

    The 62-year-old TV presenter has always been a lady in the body and more than once complained in her television shows that she could not lose those extra pounds. Last year, fans began to notice how a TV star began to lose weight rapidly. At the same time, Winfrey signed a contract with a brand that produces food and services for weight loss.

    In just one year, Oprah dropped 28 kilograms, but she didn’t have enough, and she continues to lose weight. In the new commercial of the brand, the star told how she managed to lose another 18 kilograms in a matter of months!

    “I ate everything I love: tacos, pasta, without feeling that I was deprived of something. Like all people, I want a full life in which there is a lot of happiness, favorite foods and energy that goes hand in hand with health. Losing weight does not have to choose between weight loss and quality of life, ”said Winfrey.

    Oprah diets is a balance between food and workouts.

    The diet of “weight watchers” (this is how they translated it into Russian) is based on the simple and effective principle of “eat less, move more”. In this case, as it turned out, almost everything is possible, but at the same time points (points) are assigned to each product. People weighing up to 70 kg can eat only 18 points per day, while heavyweights from 100 kg and more are entitled to a 26 point diet. Gradually, the transition from one weight category to another - a smaller one. The number of allowed points per day decreases accordingly. Of course, at first glance it seems rather dreary to write down any eaten croissant in a notebook.

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