• According to the “Portuguese waves” of Eurovision 2018

    Eurovision is a music contest held every year among the countries that belong to the European Broadcasting Union, therefore, countries outside of Europe are allowed to participate, for example, Israel and Australia. Each country sends one representative. The winner is the one who scores the most points as a result of a vote by a professional jury and television viewers.

    Eurovision was first held in Switzerland in 1956 as a kind of modification of the San Remo festival and an attempt to unite nations after the Second World War. Today, this event is one of the most popular contests in the world of music, viewed by more than 100 million people around the globe.

    Place and date

    Filming concert

    The semi-final competition of the competition will be held on May 8 and 10, and the grand final - May 12, 2018. The owner of the competition will be Portugal, the city of Lisbon.

    Choose the venue

    The victory of Salvador Collected in 2017 contributed to the holding of Eurovision 2018 in Portugal, in the artist’s home country.

    INTERESTING! Various cities competed for the right to organize the event.Pharaoh failed due to the lack of a decent arena, Guimaraes because there is no airport, and Porto due to long repairs. The optimal candidate was Lisbon, which meets all the criteria.

    Leading and arena carrying

    The information about holding Eurovision at the Meo Arena stadium, the third largest in the Old World and the largest in Portugal, has been confirmed. It was originally erected as a pavilion for the EXPO ten years ago. The capacity of the room is about 20 thousand people. According to the organizers, the scene for the participants of the musical event is transformed into a ship of large size, as a reflection of the history and culture of this state.

    Since in 2017 there were three men in the Ukrainian capital, the leaders of the Portuguese organizers chose the female four - well-known TV presenters. News Eurovision 2018 will be Philomena Cautela, journalist Silvia Alberto and Daniela Roy, and the UN Goodwill Ambassador and fighter for women's rights Katharina Furtado.

    Results of the competition

    The winner of Eurovision-2018 was Netta Barzilai from Israel, who scored the most votes, with a total of 529 points. Top 10 places in the contest:

    1. Israel
    2. Cyprus
    3. Austria
    4. Germany
    5. Italy
    6. Czech Republic
    7. Sweden
    8. Estonia
    9. Denmark
    10. Moldova

    Yulia Samoilova, who played for Russia in the semifinals, did not qualify for the final stage.

    Russia at Eurovision 2018


    Russia again participates in the competition of 2018, which was not admitted a year earlier to Ukraine, due to the arrival of the participant to Crimea.

    Who will go from Russia?

    As expected last year, our country will be represented by Yulia Samoilova. At the age of 13, the contestant became disabled in the first group due to spinal muscular atrophy, having the ability to move only in a wheelchair. Nevertheless, this did not prevent Julia from taking part in various musical competitions from an early age.

    Song of Russia

    In Portugal, Julia Samoilova will be represented by the song I Won’t Break, which is translated as “I won’t break.” The authors of the composition are Leonid Gutkin, Natta Nimrodi and Arie Burstein, who also wrote the song “Flame Is Burning” for last year’s contest, where Yulia was not allowed. According to the contestant, she likes the new song more, it has a kind of core, and it is better suited to her personally. With her, the singer will perform on May 10 in the second semi-final of Eurovision 2018.

    Video plot

    List and songs of participants from other countries

    This year’s competition will feature 43 performers from different countries. Already secured the place of Portugal as the host country, as well as the so-called "big five":

    • Spain;
    • Italy;
    • France;
    • Germany;
    • Great Britain.

    All other performers will have to sing first in the semifinals on May 8 and 10.

    Who will go from Ukraine?

    From Ukraine in the competition program will participate singer Melovin. He has a rich experience of successful performances - winning the sixth season of the vocal show "X Factor", the third place in the selection for Eurovision last year, and the victory in the current one. February 24, 2018 Melovin became the official representative of Ukraine at Eurovision with the composition "Under The Ladder".

    Who will represent Belarus?

    Belarus in Lisbon will be represented by a performer of Ukrainian origin, Alekseev, with the song “Forever”. On February 16, he officially won the right to represent Belarus at the competition. The composition had a scandalous background, some saw in it a violation of the competition rules. But after a thorough check of the European Broadcasting Union, the uniqueness of the song and admission to Eurovision 2018 was proved.


    The specialists, as usual, have already formed an opinion about the favorites of the upcoming competition. Today, the victory is predicted by the singer Natte Barzilai from Israel, who intends to perform an original and funny song about a toy.

    Another favorite is Elina Nechaeva from Estonia, who expressed her hope for the conquest of the audience with classical vocals and the song La Forza. The favorite at the same time, she does not feel herself, put everything in places should the scene.

    The top ten songs also include Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Finland, Spain, Australia, Russia, Holland and Germany.

    Junior Eurovision 2018

    The baby sings at the microphone

    This year, the stylized white star will be the logo of the children's competition, and the motto will be “Light up!”, Which means “ignite!”.


    The exact date of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest is November 25, 2018. And it will take place in Belarus, as it became known a month before last year’s competition.


    Who exactly will go to Belarus for Junior Eurovision is still unknown. Nevertheless, in recent years, the range of participants has been consistent. These are Russia, Georgia, Ukraine, Belarus, the Netherlands, Serbia, Malta, Albania, Australia, Macedonia, Italy, Armenia, Ireland. Perhaps the performance of the guys from Poland, Croatia and Greece.The participant from Russia will be determined in June 2018.

    Helpful information

    A year ago, Ukraine refused to let the Russian participant into Eurovision, while Russia did not broadcast the competition on official channels. Both countries were fined by the European Broadcasting Union. In this regard, the latter has made adjustments to the rules of the event.

    Rule changes

    The rules have changed for the choice of singers: the participating countries now do not have the right to choose contestants who are prohibited from entering the host country.

    TV channels of the organizing party must be met within the stipulated time frame. Otherwise, the right of admission is transferred to another state.

    The changes affected the national jury. None of its members can be associated with the performers or his team for the most independent voting.

    INTERESTING! An interesting list of prohibited items on the territory of the contest, published on Twitter, also deserves attention. In addition to the usual alcoholic, explosive and gunshot things, Eurovision should not include chairs, golf balls, microphones, cups, helmets, scotch tape, work tools, shopping carts, monopods for selfies, as well as information of discriminatory or political nature.

    Logo and slogan

    January 7 was marked by the appearance of the logo of the slogan of the Eurovision Song Contest 2018. Due to the fact that the capital of Portugal has always been the center of sea routes, the theme of traveling through the seas has become the theme of symbolism. Of the 13 options presented was chosen sink, and the motto of the event will be "All aboard" - "All aboard!"

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    Unfortunately, lately, the connection between Eurovision and politics has been increasingly felt. I want to believe that in 2018 we will see a positive event filled with beautiful songs and bright show-moments. Wait is not long.

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