• Newspaper ottoman

    A very popular hobby - weaving from newspaper tubes - allows you to make not just decorative baskets, but also quite practical things. For example, an ottoman for a child: my son enjoys sitting on it while watching cartoons. The idea is not mine, peeped on the open spaces of the runet, the execution is simple, even a novice master of weaving from newspaper tubes will cope. The basis of the padded stool is a regular cardboard. I left half of the box from the refrigerator, but can take any suitable size box You will need:... • Cardboard • Scissors • Stationery knife • Masking tape.. • PVA glue. • Newspaper tubes. • • Stain or paint (mowing down the tubes). • • Acrylic or any other varnish. • • Napkin, white primer (paint) - optional . • Round shape. • • Clothespins. • Awl. • • Pen or pencil. Take the cardboard, cut the pieces of the desired height. I measured the height of the knee of the child, but you can do it lower, some children like to sit on low stools.The length of the pieces is not critical.
     ottoman from newspaper tubes
    We start to twist the cardboard, holding together with adhesive tape as necessary, so that it does not turn around later.
    ottoman from newspaper tubes
    Gradually, the base becomes thicker and more stable.

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