• New Year set for serving - cap and serving ring

    Knitting decorative elements: merry Christmas hats and a serving ring will decorate your table and bring the festive atmosphere.

    Materials and tools:

    1. Yarn: 50 grams of red color, 50 grams of white color (about 25 grams of yarn are required for one cap, approximately 15 grams of yarn for one serving ring)
    2. nosochnye (double-edged) knitting needles 4 mm, or the size required for a knitting density of 21p x 28 p the front surface = 10x10 cm;
    3. socks (double-edged) 3 mm knitting needles for a garter knitting.

    Pattern Description

    Kneading (circular rows): 1 row of faces. etc., 1 row of rel. p.

    Chart: See diagrams M.1 and M.2. The whole pattern is knitted with a satin finish.

    Knitting description


    We knit in a circle on the toes (two-edged) knitting needles. We type white yarn in 2 threads on the toe (double-edged) needles 3 mm 36 loops. We knit 10 rows of garter stitch (see above).Go to the socks (double-edged) 4 mm knitting needles and finish knitting with one thread. We knit 6 rows with the front satin stitch of white yarn, and then according to any of the schemes M.1 or M.2. After one complete knit of the repeat pattern M.1 / M.2, we knit with red yarn. In the next row we sew loops along 2 persons together. = 18 loops. We knit 1 row of faces. Then we knit loops of 2 together = 9 loops. The length at the moment is about 14 cm. We cut the thread, pull it through the remaining loops, tighten it. We wrap the white part of the cap, knitted with garter stitch.


    We collect on the nosochnye (double-edged) knitting needles 4 mm white yarn 3 loops. Vyazyvaem faces. 1 loop and then we knit in the following way: we knit 5 loops in one loop in the following way: 1 person., 1 nakid, 1 person., 1 nakid, 1 person., Then we knit 6 rows with the front satin stitch and inverse rows on these 5 loops, in the next row we throw the 2nd loop through the 1st loop, the 3rd loop through the 1st loop, the 4th loop through the 1st loop and the 5th loop through the 1st loop = 1 loop, 1 person. n and close izn. n. with izn. parties.

    We sew a pompom-knob to the cap.

    Serving ring

    We knit in a circle on the toes (two-edged) knitting needles.We type white yarn on socks (double-pointed) knitting needles 3 mm 36 loops. We knit 4 rows of garter stitch (see above). We pass to the knitted (double-pointed) needles 4 mm and knit according to the scheme M.2. After completing the scheme M.2 turn back to the 3 mm knitting needles and white yarn. We knit 4 rows of garter stitch and close the loop. We fold the ring in half and sew around the edge.


    Cut off 4 white threads about 13 cm long each. We fold them in half and stretch them in the form of a loop into the loop of the first row of garter stitch. Attach 3 other brushes in the same way to get 4 brushes on the top of the ring.

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