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    Women differ from strong men by amazing perseverance, especially if the cause is related to their appearance. Girls can sit on diets for years, attend cosmetologists, massage therapists and hairdressers. They tend to make every part of the body attractive and beautiful. In women, everything should be in perfect condition and beautiful: clothes, hair, makeup and manicure.

    From a young age, girls begin to realize that their hands cannot be hidden and from what condition they are in, others make certain conclusions about a woman. Therefore, the care of hands and nails, women are ready to devote a large amount of their time. To make themselves more interesting, girls often decorate their nails. We will show you new and classic patterns on the nails.

    beautiful nail art photos

    Drawings on the nails can produce a large number of experiments. Of course, if you prefer the enlarged one, then you have more opportunities, since it is possible to significantly change the natural shape of the nail.But, and for the decoration of native nails, the drawings can be made the most unusual and beautiful. In any case, it looks much more interesting than nails covered with a monochromatic varnish.

    Nowadays, many demands are made on the manicure of women. Drawing on the nails should be not just beautiful and original, but also in harmony with the appearance of the woman and her clothes. Moreover, sometimes an unfortunate drawing can fail even the most experienced beauty in fashion issues. Since not always people at a dinner party, for example, at the embassy will be able to appreciate the palm on the nails. Therefore, when drawing on your nails, always think about its relevance in your life.

    What pictures can I make?

    All women should try to decorate their fingers with patterns on their nails. It is beautiful and attracts attention, and it has been proved that looking at a new pattern on the nails, the mood of the girls is greatly improved. Remember what you want in a gray, cold winter? Of course, bright colors. They can be brought to life in various ways, for example, with new clothes (but, alas, money is not always enough for this), a haircut (if you are ready for an abrupt change in hair color) and a pattern on the nails.By the way, it is the most inexpensive and painless way to cure depression.

    In addition, the choice of drawings is simply limitless, even taking as a basis the idea of ​​some master, you can change and execute it in your own way, thereby obtaining a unique nail design.

    pictures on the nails photo

    French with a beautiful pattern on the nails: interesting ideas

    French manicure is rightfully a classic. Undoubtedly, it is the most versatile option for nail design. French is easy to do even at home and without a rich experience in the field of nail decoration. It looks fresh, stylish and original. What is its originality, perhaps, you ask? The fact that any traditional and familiar French manicure can be refreshed with a beautiful pattern.

    french patterned photo

    french with a picture on the nails photo

    Moreover, if you really want to bring creative into your life, then you have the right to use only the very idea of ​​creating this manicure, that is, the painted tip of the nail. Usually in French manicure it is customary to paint it in white. We suggest that you try using black, red, yellow and all your other favorite shades. Changing every week only the color of the French manicure, you will get a new design.

    classic nail art photo

    beautiful drawing on nails photo

    manicure with photo pattern

    You can make the original french with a picture.For this tip at the tip of the nail, you can draw fruits, berries, flowers and even planets. From the first time a masterpiece may not come out, but the time and the experience gained will do its job.

    cool pictures on the nails photo

    nail art photos

    french manicure with picture photo

    french patterned photo

    Interesting drawings on short nails

    Short nails - this is not a sentence and the reason to hide their hands in their pockets. In the end, a large number of women physically can not have long nails, since it is simply impossible to work with them. Some professions even prohibit the use of extended sharp nails and their own long. So be proud of what is given to you by nature and decorate in every possible way what you have.

    pictures of the photo on the nails

    original drawings on short nails photo

    The design of short nails can be no less interesting than long ones. Only it is important in this case to observe moderation, because of the small area of ​​the nail you can get, instead of a stylish picture, a lurid picture.

    beautiful pictures on the nails photo

    on short nails pictures photo

    To create a new pattern on short nails, it is better to use only two colors. It is desirable that one was light and the other dark. In general, color is a personal matter of taste of every woman. After all, the main thing is that in the end you like nail design.

    cool pictures on the nails photo

    nail art photos

    You can draw lines of different colors, squares, flowers, hearts and other elements on the nails. By the way, for beginners, such a tool as a stamping tool comes in handy.With him, any of your manicure will look no worse than that of world celebrities.

    nail art beautiful photos

    beautiful nail art photos

    Snake print nail art

    This year everything connected with snakes and skin is important and enjoys good success. This figure stands out among the rest and attracts views. Its dignity is to make it elementary. The combination of two varnishes of different colors and a couple of sparkles will be enough. By the way, an interesting service appeared in expensive salons. Clients are offered to glue pieces of real python skin onto their nails, naturally after he dropped it during the molting period. This manicure is worthy of attention, as it looks simply luxurious.

    interesting pictures on the nails photo

    drawings on all nails photo

    cool drawing on nails photo

    beautiful nail art photos

    nail art photos

    Beautiful drawings paints on nails

    It will not be easy for beginners to paint with pictures. Although looking at the luxurious design of nail professionals, immediately there is a desire to learn how to make such works of art. In addition, the ability to learn how to make good drawings can only come through testing. The key role of the diploma is not played here.

    So if you really want to indulge yourself with chic drawings every week, then you need to go to the store and buy special brushes and acrylic paints.Although the services of professional craftsmen, at least in the early stages should not be abandoned. Because, looking at the beauty on your nails, you realize that you don’t feel sorry for this.

    beautiful pictures on the nails photo

    beautiful nail art photos

    beautiful pictures on nails photo

    Paintings on nails look more attractive than varnishes, because their structure is lighter. Because of this, the flowers are especially tender. Having learned to handle brushes, paints, you can draw a lot of things. If you try, then even your own portrait.

    paints drawings on nails photo

    gentle drawings on the nails photo

    new nail art pictures

    nail art photos

    Most often, girls decorate their nails with all sorts of colors. It is always a win-win option, especially in the summer and spring season. Beautiful flowers look fresh and original.

    nail art photos

    drawing-on-nails photo

    photo nail art

    nail art photos

    chic drawings on your nails photo

    With what can you make drawings?

    In addition to the above varnishes, acrylic paints and stamping, you can use sequins, stones, sculptures, beads, lace to create chic pictures on nails. Such drawings can only be done by a good specialist, since you will at least need a large number of tools.

    With such a manicure you will not go unnoticed. But there is one thing - many consider excessively decorated nails not to be relevant at work, and in everyday life such a manicure does not delight everyone. It is more suitable for celebrations or exhibitions.But, again, this is a matter of personal taste and forbid you to decorate your nails in some way, we are not in the right.

    nail modeling photo

    nail art sculpting photo

    nail art photos

    Draw pictures on the nails at home, you can only after some time. To do this, it is not necessary to be an artist, it is just important to learn, to do everything carefully. Remember that girls with good manicure attract men very much.

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