• Nettle for hair. Broths from the nettle

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    Herbs are popular ingredients in medical cosmetics, and nettles are a great way to restore hair radiance and strength.

    Nettle has long been deservedly valued because of its healing and beneficial properties. Its unique composition includes many medicinal acids, including: formic, folic, and acetic. It has a lot of natural oils, natural chlorophyll. In addition, this herb is rich in vitamins and minerals. Her miraculous qualities are often used by medics to get rid of many diseases, and for curls the use of nettle is irreplaceable. It perfectly strengthens the follicles, eliminates hair loss, combats excess skininess, treats seborrhea and itching, and stimulates hair growth and regenerates them.

    Nettle use

    For the most part, nettle leaf masks are used for curl weakness. The fact is that the upper part of this herb contains special substances. The leaves help to get rid of the loss, strengthen and health of the curls.

    Nettle for hair. Broths from the nettle

    What is the use of nettle for curls? The leaves contain a lot of vitamin A, and the presence of vitamin K helps to improve blood flow in the tissues of the scalp. It strengthens the hair. Another benefit of the herb is its high content of chlorophyll, because it fights against excessive fat production on the skin, tones the strands and gives them fluffiness.

    Nettle usage rules

    To achieve the desired effect from the use of nettle, it is important to know the rules. Suitable dried or fresh grass. It benefits as an independent means, as well as in conjunction with other useful components. But before using for hair, it is worth to learn some features:

    nettles give stiffness to curls and dry them somewhat. For this reason, those with dry hair should not use netting rinsing and other formulations from this herb. Allowed to use as an aid to the health of the roots;

    nettle has a certain coloring effect. After using this plant light curls become greenish. To prevent this from happening, you should add lemon juice to homemade nettle cosmetics;
    in order to more conveniently use liquid nettle products for hair roots, use a spray bottle
    after rinsing, the composition requires a little massage the hair roots and curls.

    Nettle hair washing

    Often people regard nettle as a pest. But in fact it is a very good plant. Nettle helps to strengthen the strands, improves the structure of the hair, gives them shine and health, making them look like silk.

    As mentioned earlier, in the nettle there are many vitamins, among which K, E, A, C, group B. There are a lot of minerals: sulfur, iron, manganese, etc. As for ascorbic acid, nettle exceeds citrus fruits 10 times. Apply it to combat hair loss and to stimulate growth. It eliminates dryness and excessive oily skin. Rinsing the hair with a decoction of nettle gives a chance to prevent the ends from being cut. Vitamins from nettle nourish curls, improve the structure.

    Nettle for hair. Broths from the nettle

    Nettle decoction is a reliable, effective and inexpensive remedy. Using this composition will help to find attractive curls, filled with power. Consider the recipes of nettle decoction for curls.From the leaves is prepared infusion or a decoction, used for rinsing. The procedure is simple. But per liter of the composition is better to add a spoonful of apple cider vinegar. The finished formulations are greenish-brown in color.

    To create an infusion will need 2 tablespoons of nettle. They need to pour 1 liter of boiling water and let stand for 25 minutes. After that, pass through a sieve and use as a rinse after washing curls.

    To create a decoction requires 2 tablespoons of grass and 1 liter of water. Boil from the beginning of the boil for 5 minutes. Then set aside and let stand in a sealed container for 25 minutes. Next, pass through a sieve and add water to a volume of 1 liter. Use similarly - on clean hair.

    To make a mask on the basis of nettle, need 0.5 st. nettle pour 0.5 st. boiling water. Let stand, then pass through cheesecloth and massage the roots before washing. Leave on for 7 minutes, then rinse with shampoo. After washing, rinse with nettle decoction.

    It is worth noting that nettle is perfect for owners of light brown or black hair. If you are the owner of light curls, then lemon juice and 1 spoon of honey are added to the composition of nettle.This will help avoid staining curls. Another way is to use cosmetic clay. She takes a greenish color.

    Nettle for different hair types

    Consider the means of nettle for different types of hair:

    Dry hair.

    Chamomile flowers and nettle for weak and dry hair are among the best healers. Even ordinary rinsing with grass decoction is enough. To do this, take in equal shares the flowers of chamomile and nettle leaves and flooded with water in a ratio of 1: 3. A similar recipe will appeal to dyed and natural blondes, because this mixture does not stain curls.

    To stimulate the production of skin grease, which is the natural protection of the hair, this mask is useful: mix the bark of oak bark with nettle, pour in olive oil. Leave 60 minutes on hair. For weak and overdried strands, nettle and coltsfoot are effective. Herbs are required to boil and cool. Broth rinsing wash after shampoo.

    A mask with nettle, sea-buckthorn berries and honey is useful for feeding overdried curls. Berries are ground, unite with a spoon of honey and 3 tbsp. decoction of grass.Dry dried hair is lightened without harm to them by adding lemon juice to the composition.

    Nettle for hair. Broths from the nettle

    Nettle tincture is an excellent basis for creating a healthy curl cream. Any balm is taken, mixed with tincture and vitamins E and B12 are added. A rinse aid is released that gives strength and radiance.

    Fat ringlets.

    In order to tone oily hair will require minerals. And independently normalizing composition is easily prepared. The grass is mixed with blue clay in a 1: 2 ratio. The mixture is smeared with hair and kept to dry. Remove also better by washing with infusion. Apple cider vinegar, black bread and nettle are good for fighting dandruff. Lamb mix with vinegar and 3 tbsp. broth. Apply a thick layer on the roots, massaging them. Apply every other day.

    To improve the state of curls and lamination will help the composition of nettle and gelatin with the addition of tonic. For mixed hair and curls with excessive fat content with injuries, this mixture is suitable: rosemary seeds, burdock oil, fresh nettle. All components in the same shares pour 1 tbsp. water. It turns odorous composition of a dark color.They are massaged roots several times a day.

    Excellent effect is achieved by applying the composition with nettle and celandine. This method is recognized as the best for the restoration of dyed and mixed hair. The composition is prepared as follows: dry leaves of celandine mixed with dried nettles. 1 tbsp. composition is covered with hot water. Also, add fresh calendula. This is also required to pour 2 tsp. motherwort tincture. Rub the entire length of the curls 14 days in a row. The benefits are as follows: this collection will provide quick regeneration of hair, scalp, regeneration of damaged ends and protection from negative environmental influences.

    Nettle for hair treatment

    Now consider the options for recipes from nettle to get rid of hair problems:

    Freedom from falling out.

    Nettle is the most effective means to combat hair diseases. You can take the plant inside and out. Popular is the composition, in which the basis is burdock and nettle. They need to be mixed with vodka. But this recipe is not suitable for light, dry and weak hair, since alcohol dries hair. Vodka must be added at the rate of 1: 1.Only need to lubricate the roots, then wrap the film and leave for 2 hours.

    Nettle for hair. Broths from the nettle

    Against hair loss and seborrhea, this herb helps in conjunction with horsetail. Crush plants, cover with boiling water and let stand in the dark for 6 hours. Tincture is used to wipe hair. It helps to reduce itching due to seborrhea and strengthen curls.

    Nettle with ayr relieves age-related hair loss and the appearance of gray curls. Grind the plants, pour black tea (1 tbsp. To 2 tbsp. Herbs). Allow to stand for a couple of hours and use as a rub for roots.

    Stimulation of hair growth.

    To activate hair growth will require the following composition: grind fresh nettle, squeeze juice out of it. It is applied curls and roots for 60 minutes. Warm with polyethylene and a towel. Remove the heated water. Similar juice is stored in cold a couple of days.

    Shine hair.

    Nettle helps to achieve soft and radiant curls. Suitable for cooking fresh or dry. About 8 spoons of ground leaves must be filled with 2 liters of boiling water. Leave to infuse in a closed container for 60 minutes. Next, skip the infusion through cheesecloth, add a spoonful of honey and mix the ingredients.Curls need to be rinsed with a heated infusion, then dry with a towel, but do not wipe dry. Even the first procedure gives a noticeable result. Hair becomes soft, radiant, becoming like silk. This infusion requires rinsing curls every week.

    Helpful Tips

    If you have a lot of nettle growing on the plot, because every year you have to deal with the "weed", then you should think and try to use it for medicinal purposes. If you decide to independently harvest nettles, then these helpful tips will help you:

    May nettle is most effective, since its properties are most vividly expressed during this period;
    nettle gives health to hair and when taken orally. If you use nettle decoction, then there are harmful components from the body;
    For beauty curls useful nettle spray. For its creation mixed nettle and chamomile decoctions. It brightens the curls. If you add caffeine, it turns out an excellent tonic;
    for the density of the composition is required to brew the grass with well heated water, but not boiling;
    nettle decoction can be added to the composition of cosmetics, it only enhances the properties.

    If self-harvesting herbs scares you, then at any pharmacy you can buy a ready-made mixture of leaves and roots. The cost is truly affordable for everyone.

    Nettle for hair.

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