• Natalya Rudova drastically changed her hair

    Do you think she is a new image?

    Natalia Rudova is not one of those stars who are constantly experimenting with their appearance. And why - she is so good! But, apparently, like any girl, she sometimes wants to refresh the image. Therefore, the actress decided on a new hairstyle.

    The star beauty had cut the hair, which used to cover the shoulder blades, under the square, and the warm golden blonde decided to change to a cold silver shade.

    Natalya Rudova
    It was...
    Photo: @rudovanata
    Natalya Rudova
    ... and it became
    Photo: @rudovanata

    Fans were delighted and showered the girl with compliments. Natalia really began to look even more beautiful and younger. True, there were those who liked the old haircut more. Part of the followers, by the way, compared Rudov with Kylie Jenner. And the truth is, these celebrities have something in common.

    By the way, recently the 32-year-old star of the TV series “Club” Anastasia Zadorozhnaya decided on a beauty experiment. The singer cut the bangs, and also, according to fans, became similar to the Hollywood star Sandra Bullock.

    This summer, the image was changed and many other celebrities. Most of them no doubt said goodbye to the annoying length. For example, Victoria Bonya, who had a braid to the waist, reduced the length of her hair by about half, and at the same time toned them a little darker than before. Fans unanimously acknowledged that the leading such an image is much more.

    Kati Topuria and Mila Kunis have not yet decided to change colors. But both cut their hair above the shoulders. And Kunis also decided to experiment with bangs.

    But Anna Shulgina, who also cut the fringe, received an ambiguous reaction from the fans. Someone admired such a decision, while others said that the ultra-short platinum blond, just combed back, is going to Shulgina much more.

    Together with her daughter, Valeria decided to make a difference. “In the summer, not only skirts, but also hair are shorter. I made a summer haircut and I am very pleased with myself, ”the singer said.

    We have collected a gallery of celebrities, which recently boasted new hairstyles.

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