• Naomi Campbell did quads

    Let Kaia Gerber wins the podium, confidently pushing Hadid sisters, Naomi Campbell has nothing to prove no longer needed. At ending weeks of fashion supermodel took part only in two fashion shows, but no: Milan closed the show Versace (so much so spectacularly as it did only 90!), And supported the Off-White brand in Paris. But now we would like to discuss not this, but ... Naomi's new haircut - bob-square. The supermodel showed off a short length and straight graphic bang at the beauty show L'Oréal Paris. Fans, as usual, were disappointed, but the model itself accepted compliments and looked pleased. As it turned out later, Naomi still did not dare to cut any hairs - after all, you will agree, then for a long time would have had to wrestle with what to do to grow square. And before the cameras appeared in a wig.

    Naomi Campbell did quadsNaomi Campbell did quadsNaomi Campbell did quads

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