• Named the most empathizing countries

    Sarah Konrath, Ph.D., together with a team of colleagues from the Chicago, Michigan and Indian universities, ranked the countries in terms of the level of empathy. Her work was published in a scientific collection devoted entirely to this valuable quality (see: Zócalo Inquiry.Is Empathy the 20th Century's Most Powerful Invention?).

    Recall that empathy is the ability to empathize, to understand the emotions of another person, to feel in his place. So, the researcher suggested that the level of empathy is different not only for individual people, but also for the country due to the characteristics of the national mentality and culture. 104 365 people from 63 countries took part in the survey on the topic, and these were the results obtained.

    Top 10 most empathizing countries:

    2.Saudi Arabia
    5.United Arab Emirates
    9.Costa Rica

    Publication by Isabella Gomez Mesa (@isabellagomezmesa)Jul 20 2017 at 8:48 pdt

    According to the authors of the study, there were more questions before them than answers. For example, why is the neighbor friendly,judging by the 4th place in the ranking, Denmark - Finland - was on the unprofitable 58th line, and Venezuela, not less sunny than Ecuador and Costa Rica, already at 62nd place.

    But the answer was why the leaders did not have such prosperous European countries as Great Britain, France, Switzerland, Germany, scientists could: in their opinion, the whole matter is in the spirit of collectivism - the stronger it is, the stronger is the ability to empathize, and in highly developed countries the cult of individualism reigns.

    PUBLISHING TOURNAMENT PUBLISH (@fitanna_spb)Jul 20 2017 at 8:47 pdt

    In the tail of the ranking, in the sixth dozen, in addition to Finland, are Russia, Lithuania and Poland as states with the most callous, indifferent people.

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