• So in your imagination you built a dream house. Big, beautiful, cozy. But where to start the embodiment of a dream come true? Here are some tips to help you materialize the picture in a very real house.

    My house is my fortress. Material for construction

    Currently, the most effective isbuilding houses made of aerated concreteand brick. Let's note the pros and cons of the buildings of the houses from the above materials.

    The first advantage of a brick dwelling is that it will be resistant to fire and very durable to worry about any weather conditions or troubles. Sound insulation can not be compared to any other material for construction.

    As for rotting or fungal deposits, they practically do not appear. As for the floors, in such buildings they can be reinforced concrete. Positive is the fact that thecost of building a house of brickwill hit the pocket not as much as you might have imagined.

    Disadvantages of a brick house

    • expensive construction;
    • the foundation should be made to the maximum depth of freezing;
    • walls should be insulated, and they turn out to be wide;
    • long-term construction;
    • the material is hygroscopic, which is contraindicated for temperature changes.

    Aerated concrete structures are also strong enough and resistant to decay. Lightweight concrete, as you know, is very easy to process. The walls in this embodiment can be made in a complicated configuration.

    In these houses the heat is very good, but the heat capacity is very low - this will be an advantage, because in winter you can quickly warm up your house. This building is being built in a matter of days, and the budget will be very economical. The cost of building a house of aerated concretewill be even less than brick.

    Disadvantages of aerated concrete housing

    • because of hygroscopicity, there is a need to warm the walls (they don’t like moisture);
    • afraid of deformation, you need a special foundation
    • It is desirable that the house passed the warm season before finishing (the walls were dried, etc.), on average, the construction period is 12-18 months
    • it is necessary to strictly follow the masonry technology, otherwise the likelihood of cracks is high.

    Saving is the first rule of any developer:

    A more economical construction of aerated concrete is due to a lighter foundation, fewer handling and excavation, as well as the cost of materials. In this regard,projects of aerated concrete housesare more common.

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