• MTS: how to connect roaming in Russia?

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    MTS: how to connect roaming in Russia?

    If you go on a business trip or a vacation to another city in Russia, the Roaming service from MTS may be relevant for you, as it allows you to stay in touch with your family, friends, and colleagues. You can connect roaming using several methods.

    Using USSD request

    You can easily and quickly connect roaming in Russia using the USSD request. Dial this command from your mobile phone: * 111 * 2192 #, and then click on the "Call" button. After this, the Roaming service will be immediately activated for your number.

    Using "Internet Assistant"

    Internet-Helper will help you to connect roaming in Russia. To use this service, you need to follow this link:. On the downloaded page, go through authorization, and then go to the services section, select �Roaming� and click on �Connect�.

    Contact MTS office

    You can connect roaming in Russia from MTS by contacting the company's office.You can find the addresses of their location in your city by clicking on this link:. Please note that in order to connect roaming in the office of MTS company you will need to present an identity card - passport, rights or other document. You will also need to fill out a form on the basis of which you will be connected to the required service. In the office, you can also immediately find out about the tariffs for calls and SMS in roaming mode.

    If such a service will be irrelevant for you later, you can refuse it at any time.

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