• Modeling: dresses, skirts, blouses ...

    And we have for you - the simulation circuits have gathered. And some interesting details about the famous patterns. For example, about long skirts. And there is a real ball gown.Here is a dress with a smell - my summer dream is a necessity, because it is very comfortable


    Skirt steps, but ... pay attention to 1) cut stripes for frills and 2) on the blouse, with which such a skirt looks particularly advantageous. And yes, all the ideas from Fatima Lopez Carvalho


    Well, the classic scheme of a long stepped skirt. It is, of course, easier, but just in case, for fans, I still put it


    An interesting solution. By the way, transparent inserts of even a small size - super for women's appearance. I think so because I specifically watched them on different female figures and in different situations


    Such a thing is easy to sew in a couple of hours. I remind you: the size of the picture in inches. 1 inch = 2.55 cm


    Well, here it is - a real ball dress. And the details of the pattern to it. Who sews, everything is clear to him


    Another very simple, but effective idea for cutting such a sweet dress.


    I like the skirt because it is wide to the bottom, with pleats at the waist and with pockets in the side seams


    Dresses with wide skirts are adorable. And feminine. It's time to sew yourself



    Dress. Again with a smell. Well, I love those. And it’s also with a collar that makes some necks slimmer


    Very fashionable dress. It is sewn from the new generation of fabrics that "can" keep the shape


    Adorable outfit. Everything in it is chic, glitter, beauty: a neckline, a tiny collar, and small sleeves. About the skirt-silent, see for yourself

    14. It's wonderful!



    Very simple. And very nice. Though for the sea / beach, at least for giving, even for home


    Convenient, however. Free. Covers everything you need. And elegant, yes

    Good ideas. It would be nice to turn something into an outfit now.

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