• Mint Rabbit

    All children, without exception, love unusual toys created in the image of beautiful fairy-tale characters. These toys bewitch the children on the shelves to her. And I had an idea: you can sew a wonderful toy on your own - the rabbit, which in some mythological legends is referred to as “Mint”: it is almost like a regular one, it only has wings and its green fur behind its back. To make "Peppermint Rabbit", we will need: 1. White cloth (for the head); 2. Light green fabric or fur (we used the sleeves of the old fur coat that were attached to it on the eyelets, so it wasn’t cut off and the bottom part didn’t need any improvement); 3. Black, white and green threads; 4. Needle, scissors; 5. Scotch and glue; 6. Light green paper and cardboard (of any color (I used the cover of a common notebook) for the wings; 7. Pencil and compasses (to make it more convenient to draw a circle for the head on the fabric).
    To make a rabbit
     To make a rabbit
    I twisted the edges of the sleeve from the fur coat to the center and bent the whole sleeve in a circle, stitched along the edge, where it closes both ends.It turned out the body of the rabbit, which no longer required filling with cotton, was inside fur.
     sleeves from fur coats
    Then I started for the legs: from the second sleeve of the same fur coats I cut out the inner fabric from which, having drawn mockups, made them and ears.
    took over the paws
     took up the paws
    Paws and ears, I filled with cotton wool; on the lower ends of the paws, I made three “stitches” with black floss threads to make small “fingers”.
    I took over my paws
    Then I drew two circles on a white cloth, - for the rabbit's head, - and cut them, stepping back from the drawing (because it will be more convenient to sew), and almost embroidering them in one, left a small hole, through which I twisted the “head” from the inside. I made my eyes and nose from black and white colored paper, glued them with tape, and then attached it with glue— a pencil to the head, embroidered on it with the thread thread, thus forming the muzzle point; Then I stuffed my head with a rabbit. Sewed on to the torso.
    body of the rabbit
    Sewed ears to the head and head to the body, stitching a hole for cotton wool.
    Then she took the wings: drew a sample on a bent cardboard sheet, cut it out and made two more copies of these wings on sheets of thin light green paper, gluing everything into one pair (in three layers: first - thin wings, below them - cardboard, and under cardboard - the second layer thin).
    Then I turned out the wings, stitching toys to the back (the cardboard of the notebook was lightweight with a needle), and pasted over it carefully with scotch tape.
    Here we have what it turned out:
     Mint Rabbit
    From the beads I wanted to do Attractive decoration on the neck of the toy. Since the fishing line for beads breaks too fast, I replaced it with ordinary threads:
     beads on the neck
    Our funny" Mint Rabbit " is ready. It looks great in the interior of the children's room and is very pleasing to the eye.
    Mint Rabbit
    Regards, Vorobiev Dinara.

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