• Microcurrent therapy: advantages and disadvantages

    Young, beautiful and healthy skin of the face are important aspects of a woman's appearance, which first of all speak about the age of her possessor, and also about the degree of her grooming.

    Of course, it is impossible to remain forever young without a single wrinkle, as if this would not be desirable, but, as long as possible, to delay the signs of aging is quite real.

    And, most of all, this does not need to resort to the help of plastic surgeons or various kinds of injections, a modern and progressive method - the impact on the surface of the skin of the face with weak electrical impulses.

    Current returns beauty

    If this sounded too threatening, do not be scared, the procedure itself is absolutely harmless, and one session can be compared to 10-12 hours of a sound and healthy sleep in efficiency.

    Although initially this therapy of rejuvenation and healing of the superficial layers of the epidermis did not want to take root in our beauty salons, now microcurrent therapy is one of the most popular procedures among the clients of the fair sex.

    The initial irrelevance of the procedure was due to the fact that one or two sessions did not see a particularly bright visual effect, a real improvement in the problem areas is felt after complex treatment.

    However, small improvements still occur, starting with the first procedure: the complexion improves, the puffiness decreases, and the skin itself becomes smooth and soft, like in a small child.

    A full course of microcurrent therapy includes about 12 sessions, which are usually carried out several times a week for 5-6 weeks (for women older than 30 years).

    Of course, younger women rather curtailed therapy - 3-4 sessions per month. In order for the effect to last as much as possible, it needs to be fixed and permanently supported by preventive procedures, 1 session in 2-3 months is enough.

    In fact, microcurrent therapy can boast of its rather long-lasting result, which will please you for a few more months after the end of the procedures. This is explained by the fact that tissue repair after exposure to microcurrent waves continues for several more weeks.

    Microcurrent therapy is a kind of rejuvenation procedure for the "lazy", because without putting special effort and physical costs, you get a not weak result for the face and other parts of the body.

    The main thing to relax

    Yes, it turns out that weak electric current pulses can be directed not only to the skin of the face, but also to other parts of the body - hips and buttocks to fight cellulite, to the décolleté area or chest to tighten muscles.

    In addition, such therapy is often prescribed in the treatment of acne, acne, to reduce the effect of "bag under the eyes", as well as smoothing wrinkles, lifting the skin and correcting facial contours.

    Types of microcurrent therapy

    Time goes forward, progress does not stand still, naturally, the proposed therapy develops and acquires its new subspecies, which differ in the field of application and effect. Let's talk about the most common varieties.

    • Microcurrent lymphatic drainage. It turns out that the “bad” skin color, as well as hateful bruises under the eyes, is the result of stagnant fluid in the tissues, which after 25 years of age begins to be poorly eliminated from the body. It is a product of vital activity of cells, which accumulates in the tissues of the skin, damaging it and forming a visible destructive effect.The procedure of microcurrent lymphatic drainage provides partial removal of this fluid from the body, as well as its even distribution, which ultimately leads to an improved complexion and getting rid of bruises.
    • Microcurrent for lifting facial muscles and neck. This procedure is best suited for those women who are desperately fighting age and facial wrinkles. The only drawback of such a subspecies is the increased intensity of stimulation, which can cause some cosmetic problems.
    • Reprogramming of mimic muscles. If you are tired of fighting mimic wrinkles, and all kinds of injections like Botox do not inspire you, then this method is just the same for you. The impact of microcurrents on the skin of the face leads to a deep relaxation of the muscles, which, as a result, leads to the elimination of most of the existing wrinkles, and is also a good prevention of the appearance of new ones.

    Of course, the listed species are far from the only species that are able to cope with various cosmetic problems.

    By the way, conducting microcurrent therapy is real and at home,you only need to purchase a special device, the scope and capabilities of which must necessarily be described in its technical characteristics.

    It is important to take the choice of a special device with all seriousness, because if a poor-quality specimen falls into the hands of an inexperienced person, you can not only see no improvement, but also get complications on your skin.

    Carrying out such procedures at home is a very useful task, the only drawback is the rather high price of the device for creating microcurrent pulses.

    The procedure is not very painful.

    It can vary from 6500 UAH. up to 20,000 UAH., so that the toy is quite expensive, but, anyway, very useful and effective.

    By the way, do not forget, if you want to conduct a session at home, then you can not do without a special cosmetic gel, which not only moisturizes and tones the skin, but also contributes to an increased lifting of the upper layer of the epidermis.

    Positive aspects of microcurrent therapy

    It is very difficult to find another such procedure that boasts such a minimal amount of side effects and negative consequences of its use.

    The first thing to remember when you go for such a procedure is that it is absolutely safe, because the current that is used in specialized devices is very low, unable to harm the human body.

    On the contrary, low-frequency currents affect the cell membrane, stimulate the increased production of elastin and collagen, which, as is well known, primarily leads to rejuvenation and improvement of the appearance of the skin.

    In addition, microcurrent therapy, has earned a huge amount of positive feedback, which is based on the minimum number of contraindications, the average price level, as well as effective results of the application.

    On top of that, the procedures are perfectly tolerated by the human body, without all sorts of problems and pain, on the contrary, a slight sedative effect is felt during the procedure.

    But it must be remembered that a large number of advantages have their disadvantages: microcurrent therapy cannot be performed if the client suffers from acute forms of chronic diseases, epilepsy, herpes in the acute stage, and also has implanted electrical appliances.

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