• Methods of Dr. Fukutsuji for weight loss

    Perhaps everyone wants to lose weight, and quickly and simply. And therefore, techniques that imply an almost total lack of effort are popular. In other words, their developers claim that they will help to lose weight in a short time, doing almost nothing. Approximately these criteria correspond to the method developed by Dr. Fukutsuji. Does it really work?

    What is this method?

    The Japanese method of losing weight Dr. Fukutsuji became popular relatively recently, as information about him rapidly spread on the Internet. This Japanese spent on the development of the method for about 10 years, and then published books, the circulation of which amounted to about 6 million. They quickly spread across Asia and began to spread across Europe, gaining incredible popularity.

    Dr. Fukutsuji specializes in pelvic bone problems. He noted that when they diverge the zone of the hips increases significantly.And with the expansion of the bone bones, the upper part of the body gains extra volume. And the doctor came to the conclusion that if all the bones were returned to the original and physiologically correct position, then the person would become slimmer and more attractive.

    Then Fukutsuji developed a unique and incredibly simple exercise, which requires a towel and only five minutes a day to complete. He argues that the technique will not only reduce the waist in volume, but also improve posture and even increase growth.

    Technique of execution

    Performing an exercise designed by Fukutsuji is very simple. To do this, you will need only a terry towel, a thin rope or a cord (to form a roller) and a flat hard surface.

    Main stages:

    1. First properly prepare the towel. Just twist it to make a roller, and secure with a cord or rope.
    2. Lie on a hard surface (for example, on a floor, after spreading a rug on it), bend the lower back and put a roller under it.
    3. Stretch your hands up, palms spread to the floor so that they touch the little fingers.
    4. Legs also need to stretch out and position about shoulder width apart.Stops turn to each other, connecting the thumbs (will create the effect of a certain clubfoot).
    5. Keep your head straight, relax your neck.
    6. Stay in this position for five minutes, trying to keep a relaxed state.
    7. Next, take out the roller, first turn to the side, and then gently stand up. If you get out of the lying position, discomfort may occur in the lumbar region.

    Is the technique suitable for everyone?

    Although many argue that the method is incredibly useful and safe, it still has contraindications. These include diseases and pathologies of the spine, especially those of a degenerative nature, such as herniated intervertebral discs, osteochondrosis, protrusions, and so on. In such cases, the exercise can do harm and lead to serious consequences.

    Advantages and disadvantages

    Advantages of the technique:

    • It is extremely easy to perform the exercise, even an unprepared person can cope with it.
    • The implementation will take only five minutes a day, so much free time is available even to busy people.
    • Waist size will really decrease.
    • Exercise will help improve posture, and this is very important for modern people,especially forced to spend a lot of time in a sitting position.
    • You do not have to purchase extras. Exercise is performed with a towel, which is found in the house of each and is cheap.
    • The technique involves static stretching, which will favorably affect the entire musculoskeletal system.


    • During the exercise, there may be some discomfort in the back. But this is normal and says that the vertebrae fall into place. In addition, to endure stress or discomfort will not have long.
    • Not everyone can use the method, as there are some contraindications. Therefore, if you notice back pain and other symptoms, first consult your doctor.
    • The weight will remain the same, because the effect of losing weight is more visual, and fat cells are not burned, because the exercise is static.

    Opinions of doctors

    Many doctors expressed their opinion on the Fukutsuji technique, and their opinions converge. Almost all of them believe that getting rid of excess weight with a regular towel and just 5 minutes a day just can not.But waist volume can actually decrease, although this is achieved not by burning fat, but only by stretching the spine under body weight, that is, the so-called traction therapy.

    Nothing surprising happens. The volumes decrease as the most problematic part of the spine is extended, located just at the level of the abdomen. In addition, such exercises will help correct the posture and normalize the functioning and structure of the spinal column, and this is very useful. By the way, there are many similar methods, but for some reason, Fukutsuji developed in Japan became popular.

    Opinions of ordinary people

    If you study the reviews of ordinary people who had time to try out the "amazing" technique on themselves, then we can conclude that it works. And indeed it is. But weight loss is explained simply. In the waist area, the spinal curvature is eliminated, and all the organs located in the abdominal cavity take their places and approach the back.

    Visually, this is very noticeable, and the measurements prove that the volume can actually be reduced to 5 centimeters per month. But body fat will remain intact.And if you stop doing the exercise, then everything can go back to square one, and the “lost” centimeters will come back again.


    Some useful tips:

    • To begin, use a roller of minimum diameter, then gradually increase it.
    • Do not change the duration of the exercise, it is harmful.
    • If the discomfort increases, stop performing.
    • Repeat the exercise daily, preferably in the afternoon.

    Try the technique, because it is extremely simple and helps you look slimmer.

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