• Menstruation: features of the flow and general recommendations

    Menstruation - a kind of body cleansing process for women. It is manifested through the release of blood from the vagina. The process takes place every month.

    If, however, to operate with scientific terminology, the process of purification is to imply the rejection of the uterine mucosa. It is displayed with blood.

    Blood color during menstruation

    The highlight color may differ depending on the period. For example, in the first days it should be a bright scarlet color. At the end of the selection become darker. The appearance of a specific smell is also normal. Do not be afraid and the appearance of blood clots. This is the endometrium that is secreted along with the blood.

    The inner layer of the uterus in women is constantly updated. Instead, a new layer is formed. The only exception is the period of pregnancy.

    Features of the first month

    what is the peculiarity of the first menstrual period

    The first periods of the girl can go to about 9 years.Sometimes the first discharge appears in 16 years. This indicates the onset of childbearing age. As a rule, the age when a girl begins her period begins with a genetic background - it depends on how early the discharge appeared in the mother. What could be the reasons for the delay in menstruation in women?

    A few months before menstruation, girls can observe the appearance of mucous secretions or white secretions. In addition, there may be discomfort in the lower abdomen. Chest pain is also normal.

    You should not be afraid of the fact that the first periods will be limited to just a couple of drops. Later they will become more abundant and will start to go regularly. Monthly in the first year after their occurrence may be irregular. Only after this period has elapsed, the cycle becomes more predictable.

    The main signs of menstruation

    signs of menstruation

    Monthly almost all women are the same. The process is characterized by a number of signs:

    • Discomfort and even lower abdominal pain;

    • Breast augmentation, pain;

    • Pulling sensation in the lumbar region;

    • Increased irritability;

    • Constant feeling of weakness and fatigue;

    • Swelling of the legs and feeling of heaviness;

    • Slight dizziness.

    How long is the monthly cycle

    monthly cycle duration

    Under the monthly cycle imply the interval from the first day of discharge to the first day of the next. Standard are 20-35 days. Menstruation can last from three to seven days. It all depends on the individual characteristics of the female body.

    In order to track and control the cycle, it is best to have a special calendar. Today you can download the app on your smartphone. So you will receive reminders and recommendations that will make the process of flow of the month more comfortable.

    The rules of hygiene during menstruation

    monthly hygiene

    A feeling of discomfort will accompany you throughout the entire period of menstruation. In order to reduce discomfort, you must follow certain rules.

    It is necessary to use special hygiene products:

    • gaskets,

    • tampons

    • menstrual cups.

    Choosing the means, it is important to focus on the physiological characteristics of the organism. For convenience, manufacturers have come up with a special label. On each package of hygiene products there are droplets that indicate capacity. The most optimal size is 2-3 drops.If the selection is abundant - buy tampons and pads for 4-6 drops.

    Doctors and girls still can not come to a common opinion - use tampons or pads. The choice is a purely individual task. Focus primarily on sensations. You can also consult with your doctor. It is the specialist who will select the most appropriate type of hygiene product for you.

    What not to do during menstruation

    what not to do during menstruation

    During menstruation it is not recommended to do the following:

    • Take a bath, swim in the pool or pond;

    • Clean your face with a beautician;

    • Depilate hair;

    • Drink alcohol;

    • Eat spicy foods.

    By adhering to these recommendations, you can avoid unpleasant feelings during your period, and also take care of your own health.

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