• Megan Markle to the altar will lead Prince Charles

    Prince Charles has no daughter, but for the second time in his life he is honored to accompany the bride to the altar. In 2016, he held the hand of the goddaughter of Princess Diana, Alexandra Netchbull, who married businessman Thomas Hooper, and tomorrow, May 19, will do the same for Megan Markle, who will be waiting at the altar for his younger son, Prince Harry.

    The rumors were confirmed, father Megan will not be able to attend the wedding for health reasons. It was expected that his place would be taken by her mother, Doria Redlan, especially since the protocol allows such castling. But the bride replayed everything. "Miss Megan Markle asked the Prince of Wales to accompany her to the altar on her wedding day," the Kensington Palace released an official statement. “And his highness gave his consent.”

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