• Making textile pockets for the cabinet

    For the manufacture of textile pockets in a cabinet for kindergarten, you will need materials and tools such as: - fabric for the base of the pockets (any dense, shaped fabric), - finishing fabric for the pockets (several types), - non-woven material like a sintepon (as an additional lining in the base of the pockets), - sewing threads in the color of the fabric, - white lace 1.5 cm wide with a curly edge, - felt of different colors (for appliqué ), - Crystal Moment glue, - decorative buttons, rhinestones and other trifles for decorating pockets, - sewing machine, - iron, - close-cut shears, - ruler with a right angle, - tailor’s chalk, - safety pins. Standard pocket size - 25 * 65 cm. Based on it, calculation and cutting of the pocket details will be made. All fabrics are recommended to be cut before cutting.
    textile pockets for the locker
    From the prepared material one should cut out the basis for the pockets - a rectangle measuring 53 * 70 cm. This blank should be folded in half along with its face inward and sewn along longitudinal cuts with a 1 cm wide seam.
    textile pockets for the locker
    Make a rectangle of 25 * 66cm in size from the cushioning material.
     those stylish pockets for the locker
    The seam connecting the longitudinal sections of the base of the pockets should be ironed, placing it in the middle of the part, as shown in the photo.
    textile pockets for the locker
    On top of the base, you need to put a non-woven gasket, level with any transverse side, and lay the stitching line with a seam 1 cm wide.
    textile pockets for the locker
    After this, the detail of the base of the pockets must be turned out on the front side,straighten corners, ironing.
     textile pockets for the cabinet
    Then the upper open edge of the pockets should be machined. To do this, it must be ironed 3 cm on the wrong side and then bend another 1 cm and lay the line - you get a drawstring for hanging pockets. Just below the drawstring you need to set the lace.
     textile pockets for the cabinet
    You need to carve out pockets from the finishing fabric. In finished form, they will be 19 * 24 cm. In this case, the pockets will be two-tone, and the green fabric, being a contrast edging from the front side of the pocket, will also be its lining with the wrong side. The size of the pink part of the pocket is 14 * 26.5 cm, the green part is 28 * 26.5 cm.
     textile pockets for the cabinet

    The parts of the pocket should be sewn together with a seam 1 cm wide along the side 26.5 cm long. The seam allowance should be pressed in the direction of the pink fabric, lace should be sewn over the seam of the grinding parts.

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