• Making cold porcelain for sculpting

    Required materials: - white PVA glue, - disposable tableware (a pair of spoons and a glass of a deep bowl), - potato or cornstarch, - an oilcloth or an unnecessary paper, - a cream for hands, acrylic paints or gouache.
     making cold porcelain
    Let's start. To begin with, we put 3 spoons of PVA glue into a disposable cup.
     making cold porcelain
    Then add 5-6 spoons of starch with a dry spoon.
     making cold porcelain
    Carefully mix the resulting mass. First, carefully "drown" the starch in the glue, otherwise it will rise like a cloud of dust.
     making cold porcelain
    First knead the mass with a spoon in a dish, then you can continue to do it with your hands.Depending on the quality of the materials, you may need a different ratio of ingredients, but as a result, the resulting mass should be smooth in appearance and not stick to hands. It is also necessary to add a small amount of hand cream, this will not only give a pleasant smell, but also reduce the “stickiness” to the hands.
     making cold porcelain
    Now you can proceed to the most interesting. While the porcelain has not dried yet, we form various figures out of it, here they are hearts, cat snouts and simply round blanks.
     making cold porcelain
    Leave it all to dry for about 3-4 hours , after two hours you can put the blanks on the battery, so they do not crack as if you did it right after modeling. On dried figurines with a pencil, make sketches of patterns and faces.
    making cold porcelain
    Now it's time to start the paint. making cold porcelain
    Also at the final stage you can varnish your work.
     making cold china
    Depending on your wishes, you can easily turn these products into ma nits on the refrigerator, a collection of painted "pebbles" or funny mordashek. luck in the works!

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