• Magic numbers of the new year: forecast for 2017

    2017 year

    January- There is a laying of plans for a year. Properly made plans are your foundation on which you will erect walls and build a house.

    February- month of competent distribution of responsibilities between family and team members and the establishment of equal partnerships. Unless you want to be a horse that alone carries a cart with firewood.

    March- a time when you need to show all your talents and abilities. Dare! Everything will work out. All doors will open. In addition, March is the month of meetings and entertainment. This is your opportunity to be in the spotlight and become popular.

    April- You should carefully consider what you already have. After you were noticed in March, it is time for fruitful work, which will later be rewarded. Having laid the foundations of the basics now, you will climb the ladder of success, armed with knowledge and experience.

    May- month of change. Much remains to be resolved. This is the time when emotions are best kept under control and not in conflict! If there is an opportunity to change the situation, go to rest for a couple of days.The journey promises to be one of the most unforgettable.

    June- Spend time with family and friends. Communication will give many positive emotions, wonderful meetings and romance. Find a hobby of your liking, unleash your creativity. Start what you never did.

    July- a month of contemplation, travel, cozy solitude, when you want to be with your loved ones or alone on the shore of a beautiful lake. This time of introspection, when you can look at everything with different eyes and discover something new in yourself.

    August- Unlimited opportunities and success are waiting for you. Everything you need will be at hand. There is no cause for concern.

    September- Summarize the past time, assess what had done and what did not. You already have enough experience and so you can give advice to those who ask for help. Show gratitude and attention to those who need it.

    October- profit makes itself felt. You consider your income, capital gains are obvious. Carefully study the financial proposals to successfully invest money.

    November- do not rush to reconsider your established life order,even if the closest people are very advised and already offer options. Think carefully before taking them. Hence the conflicts. Keep emotions under control. The unfinished and nenachatye affairs will help to distract.

    December- month of summing up. A month of understanding, settlement of differences, as well as a month of celebration! Share with others positive emotions and do not shut yourself up. "

    Of the many numbers around us, there are those that have the greatest impact on our lives. One of these ispersonal number of the year. It will help determine what promises the upcoming year, how to extract the maximum benefit from it and avoid disappointment.

    Calculate the personal number is not difficult at all: you need to add the day and month of birth and add the numbers of the coming year. We add up until we get a single digit from 1 to 9. For example, the day and month of birth on August 8, it turns out: 8 + 8 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = 26 = 2 + 6 = 8, where "8" - personal number of 2017.

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