• Looks like the belly of a woman who is pregnant with fours

    Doctors forbade her to give birth, but she did not obey - and now she has four cool children!

    A 30-year-old teacher, Morales Osuna from San Diego, gave birth to three girls and one boy by cesarean section after three years of treatment for infertility. She and her husband, 29-year-old Isaac, ignored the advice of the doctors to reduce (that is, remove) two of the fours - and now they have four absolutely healthy children!

    The pregnancy proceeded without stress, and she managed to carry the babies up to 34 weeks. Now, when Marissa, Marcelo, Ivanna and Isabelle appeared in the couple, their parents are in seventh heaven.

    fertility treatment
    Here it is, happiness!
    Photo: @ zero2quads

    They started trying to have a baby in 2015, but the woman had several problems with conception: cysts on the ovaries, impassable fallopian tube and endometriosis. After two cycles of artificial insemination, when the sperm is injected directly into the uterus, Morales became pregnant.

    It turns out that the family always dreamed of four children, but hardly imagined that they could all be born at the same time. The doctors immediately told about the risks of multiple pregnancy and offered to reduce two embryos in the seventh week. However, for future parents such a choice was impossible - after all, these are children, how can they be killed?

    Fortunately, during the whole pregnancy no complications arose, and my mother did not even suffer from toxicosis. However, this does not mean that everything was simple. The longer the term, the harder it became to breathe, and the stomach was just incredibly huge.

    cesarean section
    And this is what the expectant mother looked like a few minutes before the onset of labor.
    Photo: @ zero2quads

    Doctors set a cesarean date, performed the operation. Everything went perfectly: the children were born large, each weighing about 2 kg - for a multiple pregnancy it is very decent. Already on the ninth day they were discharged home.

    Parents were very nervous at first. I had to resort to the help of nannies who helped them to build the correct daily routine. They now describe their lives as martial law, as they need to feed and swaddle their fours at the same time.

    Every day is at least 32 diapers plus tons of other washings. However, parents are happy and even find time to blog on the Internet to encourage other potential parents.

    Their goal is not only to show the main milestones in the development of quadruples, but also to convince everyone not to give up their dream of having children. “Our story is a story of hope. Finally, we have a real full family, ”says Osuna.

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