• Little Origami Dragon

    MakingLittle Dragon using origami technique. It turns out that such a small and very cute Chinese dragon, which can be used in a puppet theater production, or they can decorate a house, for example, for a holiday or a nursery. The very process of its creation is very exciting and suitable for co-creation with children. And also if you use this technique and take a larger sheet of paper, you can collect a very large paper dragon.

    Materials and tools:

    1. 2 sheets of A4 paper of any color (in this case red);
    2. glue or tape;
    3. scissors;
    4. marker.

    Step 1

    Fold the dragon's body

    Take a sheet of red paper, fold and cut in half.

    Next, take one half of the sheet and fold it in half.  

    Let's get down to the most interesting in Step 1: we fold the resulting strip 7 times, we have such a big accordion, which consists of 8 elements (see photo Step 1.4); then we continue to fold into a smaller harmonica, for this we fold each of the 8 elements 2-4 times more (see photo Step 1.5).

    Gently smooth the resulting harmonica so as not to smooth out the folds. Fold the top of the strip (see photo Step 1.6). Next, we expand the band completely.

    Again we begin to fold the harmonica, while pushing the triangle from above, see the photo   Step 1.7 - 1.8. The result is such a triangular accordion.

    Step 2

    Making the head and tail of a dragon

    Take the second sheet, fold the corner and cut off the excess part of the sheet.A square and a rectangle from a sheet of paper were obtained.

    First we take a rectangle and fold the tail of the dragon, see photo Step 2.2 - 2.4.

    Next, fold the dragon's head. We take the square and fold it as shown in Step 2.5 - 2.14.

    Step 3

    Using glue to the head and tail to the body, everything is quite simple and no difficulties arise.

    Everything,Chinese dragon in origami techniqueis ready. If you use a dragon in a puppet theater, then, using scotch, we glue wooden sticks to the dragon.

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