• Learning to knit amigurumi crochet ring - step-by-step master class with photos and video

    Considering the Japanese crochet technique, you should pay special attention to one of the most important elements - the amigurumi ring. After all, products created in this way have parts in the shape of a cylinder or a ball. That is why the basis is always the Japanese loop, called the amigurumi ring. It is a composition consisting of crochets, crocheted without crochet (CBN), as well as a sliding loop. To learn how to make products using this Japanese technique, it is necessary, first of all, to learn how to properly knit a ring with a crochet hook.

    Used tools and knitting features

    Amigurumi crochet knitting patterns are so primitive that they are understandable even for beginning needlewomen. In addition, to learn this technique in more detail, you can always use a step-by-step master class with photos.

    Knitting does not require a lot of materials and tools. It is enough to prepareyarnandhook.


    For beginners, it is preferable to choose acrylic or cotton threads, since it is convenient to use them. As for color, it does not matter. Shades are selected depending on the manufactured product.

    On a note! If you knit amigurumi ring too thin or textured yarns, it can turn out to be somewhat deformed. The same goes for wool and other fluffy yarn. She will fall down and a mistake, if she suddenly made, you can not notice.


    When creating products on the Amigurumi technique, it is worth using a hook that is half the size indicated on the package with yarn. This approach will help to make the details more dense. In addition, the cut-out of the tool should not be too small, and the tip is too sharp or, on the contrary, round.


    There are two main ways to knit amigurumi rings: in one or two turns. The chosen option depends on many factors. First of all, this is the thickness of the thread, the type of the product being created, and so on.

    Below in the diagrams are presented both variants of knitting a circle of amigurumi with the help of a hook.

    Single ring amigurumi

    For those who have long mastered the technique of knitting crochet columns with and without, it will perfectly cope with the rules and with this method. The main thing is to choose the right materials to ensure your comfort and convenience in the learning process.

    Materials and tools

    In this master class are used:

    • brown yarn;
    • hook.

    Step-by-step master class

    Making a ring on the amigurumi technique will seem easy if you are guided by a step-by-step master class with a photo:

    1. First of all, you need to create an air loop of yarn. The working thread comes from above.

    2. Insert the hook into the circle, hook the main thread, and then stretch it as shown in the photo.

    3. As a result, this loop will turn out.

    4. Pry off the thread with the hook and pull it out through the loop.

    5. To hook on the working thread, and then bring it through the loop.

    6. Once again, insert the hook into the circle and hook with it the working thread. Take her out.

    7. There were two loops on the hook. Pry off the working thread.

    8. Take it through the loops.

    9. The first column without nakid is tied, and for a full circle of the amigurumi ring, usually 6 sbn are required.

    10. Knit five more similar posts. Then pull the thread, forming a larger loop.This is necessary to ensure that the product does not come loose.

    11. Pull the ring as tight as possible so that there is no hole in the middle.

    12. Insert the hook into the first loop, and then thread it into the lift loop, as seen in the photo.

    Close the ring with a connecting post. The product is ready. After gaining experience, you can create it in just a few minutes.

    On a note! At the end of the first round, you can make an air loop and continue knitting.

    Video: How to Knit Amigurumi Single Ring

    Double ring amigurumi

    Amigurumi magic ring in two turns is easy to crochet. Most experienced needlewomen prefer to do it, performing all sorts of toys. The reason for this is the higher strength of the double ring, in contrast to the single Japanese loop.

    Materials and tools

    Crocheting the double ring of amigurumi is necessary from the same materials as the single Japanese loop. It is necessary to prepare the following:

    • yarn (pink in this case);
    • hook.

    Step-by-step master class

    To bind an amigurumi ring from a double circle, you will need to perform the following steps:

    1. The thread is wrapped twice around the two fingers, as in the photo below. Working thread comes from behind.

    2. Pull out the loop. To do this, you need to enter the hook into the ring. Then grab the working thread and pull it forward. So get a loop.

    3. To form the initial chain. Hook the work thread by hook and pull it out through the loop. Get a lift loop.

    4. Re-insert the hook into the ring, hook the work thread. If done correctly, you get two loops on the hook. Once again, grab the working thread and stretch it through the loops. Link the required number of columns.

    5. In the end you want to connect the first and last loops, having closed the circle in this way. To do this, it is enough to insert the hook into the base of the original column, hook the thread and pull it out through the loop that is on the hook. But before that you should pull off the ring, pulling the free thread. It is important to note which of the loops is moving at this time. Take the marked thread and gently pull it up. When the ring is closed, you need to pull the tail to tighten the second loop.

    A double ring in amigurumi technique is ready. If necessary, you can increase its diameter when tying subsequent rows by adding loops.It can be concluded that it is quite simple and quick to make an amigurumi crochet ring, therefore it is available for beginners.

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