• Kylie Jenner hired an assistant to care for her newborn daughter

    Publication from Kylie Jenner (@k_jenner_love)Dec 26, 2017 at 7:55 am PST

    "At first, Kylie wanted only Travis, her mom and sisters, to be with her child, but now she realized that you still can not get them to babysit around Stormy around the clock. Kylie just wants to do it right. Therefore, it was so important for her that the assistant had a medical education - what if something happened to the girl? ”- shared a source from the Kardashian family circle. By the way, Travis and Kylie still live in different houses, and they do not even think about marriage. However, Chris Jenner does not particularly insist that her daughter would marry Scott: after the news of his treachery Kylie during her pregnancy, the credibility of the rapper has clearly diminished. "Officially, Kylie and Travis do not live in the same house," the source added.

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