• Khash - soup for real men

    If you love and respect Caucasian dishes, then you will surely like the rich and nourishing khash. And to try it, first figure out how to cook such a dish.

    What it is?

    Khash is a liquid hot dish, in other words, soup, and it is very rich and nourishing. It is widespread in the Caucasus, as well as throughout Transcaucasia, but most likely it appeared in Armenia, at least in all sources it is referred to as “the oldest Armenian dish”.

    By the way, it is believed that the appearance of khasha is associated with such a tradition as sacrifice. Some time ago, animals were sacrificed to obtain the mercy of the gods. And all that remained after these rituals was not thrown out, but used, that is, eaten. And usually chopped up adult animals.

    The name of this dish from the Armenian language literally translates as “cook”, so that it fully reflects the whole cooking technology, or rather its main part.

    By the way, in some sources it was mentioned that hash can help relieve the condition during fever, so it is not only tasty, but also useful.

    What is cooked from?

    As already noted above, for the preparation of khash, always used parts of the carcass, which are not considered to be the best and, in general, fit for human consumption.

    Main components:

    • Legs. Yes, right along with the hooves.
    • Scar. This is part of the stomach of cattle, which consists of smooth muscle fibers and is responsible for the primary digestion of food. It looks like a certain bag and has a specific unpleasant smell (it is eliminated during the preparation process).
    • Garlic is also an integral part. This ingredient, first, allows you to give the dish a fabulous aroma and kill the smell of other components, secondly, it adds spice and, of course, strengthens the immune system, and this is also important.

    As for the type of meat, the khash is most often made from beef, but some also make it from lamb.

    How to cook?

    So, how to cook a delicious soup khash? The whole process can be divided into several stages:

    1. Preparation of components. Since not the best parts of the carcass go to Khash, without proper preparation, the dish can acquire a specific and not very pleasant taste and smell. And in order to get rid of it, you need to seal your feet well and soak them.
    2. The scar requires thorough washing and long-term digestion, and separately.
    3. The main stage is long cooking. Caucasian women began to cook khash at night, in time to feed the men in the morning.

    Now directly step-by-step recipe.


    • two kilograms of grams of legs (beef or lamb);
    • 500 grams of scar;
    • three heads of garlic;
    • green basil, cilantro, parsley;
    • salt to taste (although in the traditional recipe it is absent).


    1. Feet need to be well burned with fire, cut into two parts, and scrape to remove the remaining wool, and wash thoroughly. Then soak them for 12-24 hours in cold water (it should be changed every three hours). Now scrape the legs again, fill them with water, so that its level is higher by about 20 centimeters, and put on a strong fire. When the soup boils, reduce the heat. Remove the resulting foam.
    2. Scar wash well, scrape and put to stew. When the smell disappears, remove the scar, wash it, cut it into pieces and send it to the pan in which the legs are cooked. Add heat and turn it down when the broth boils again. Do not forget to remove the foam, it will spoil the taste of the dish.
    3. When the meat starts lagging behind the bones and becomes soft (this can take about 5-8 hours), rub the garlic and add it to the soup. Also pour the chopped greens.
    4. Serve hot khash with pita bread.

    How to eat and how to eat khash?

    Traditionally, khash ate sutra, and in the early morning. And this is due to the fact that the peoples of the Caucasus have always led an active lifestyle and got up very early in order to have time to eat cattle and do a lot of other important things.

    And such a hearty and hearty breakfast made it possible to get the necessary amount of nutrients and energy for the whole day. The dish is considered to be very heavy, so it is digested for a long time, which allows you to experience satiety and avoid hunger until the evening.

    In the Caucasus, hash is taken with hands. Meat taken with fingers and bite. And the liquid part is scooped with lavash, like a spoon (and therefore it is an integral part of the meal). In addition, this soup is usually served with radishes. And still it is plentifully sprinkled with greens, most often fragrant basil.

    Most often, the soup is washed down with vodka. And although it is not very good to use its sutra, yet this drink is ideally combined with khash. But it is important to observe the measure. Real Caucasians know that one or two glasses will not harm and even invigorate, especially in combination with fatty broth. But busting can lead to drowsiness, impaired coordination and other symptoms of intoxication.

    By the way, according to beliefs, hash categorically excludes three points. The first is cognac.Armenians prefer to drink such a noble drink with more sophisticated dishes. The second is women. Yes, they should not eat such soup, but this is due primarily to the fact that garlic is one of its components. His fair sex is not appropriate to eat. And the third point is toast. Although no feast can do without them in the Caucasus, they are usually long and take more than five minutes, but during this time the hash can cool down, which is simply unacceptable.

    Now you know how to cook real khash, and you can treat your guests to this Caucasian dish.

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