• Key ingredients that should be in your cream

    When you need to start using creams with antioxidants, and when to get carried away with oils.

    Proper facial skin care has become a real trend. Firstly, due to the fact that girls want to look young at any age, but few are ready to go under the surgeon’s knife, secondly, every day there are new tools that promise to make the skin like a baby’s. Alas, not all of us, like Jennifer Aniston or Naomi Campbell, who literally do not grow old, so you need to take care of the future now and know what ingredients in cosmetics should be at your age.

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    In 20 years

    Carefree days on the beach, spent right under the sun, inadequate hydration - all this has a negative effect on the skin of the face. According to research by the American Society of Photobiology, most people get 23 percent of photo-aging before 18, and then about 10 percent every decade.

    To take care of your youth from an early age, you must not forget about creams with SPF. Sunscreen should be the best friend for life. Apply a minimum of SPF 30 (perhaps it is in your cream or foundation tool) and then you will not have sagging of the face, wrinkles and age spots.

    In 30 years

    At this age, as a rule, girls already know absolutely everything about their skin: which products are right for your skin type, which tonal resources do not clog it and there is a lot more. What is important, in 30 years you have money that you are ready to spend on decent care for yourself.

    However, it is during this period that some changes in your body may begin. For example, the level of hormones decreases, the same happens with the natural production of collagen and elastin. And if you were tormented by teen acne, now they can also appear. To maintain balance and youth, in 30 years you need to look for in the composition of the funds retinol. It is a concentrated form of vitamin A, which stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, protects the skin from hyperpigmentation and can prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

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    At 40 years old

    According to dermatologists, by the age of 40, the cell renewal rate slows down almost twice. This means that we are more susceptible to scars, wrinkles and pigmentation. However, there is a certain measure you can take to prevent this from happening.

    Just as SPF was a key form of protection in your 20 years (and should be for the rest of your life), antioxidants, a large amount of which can be found in grapes, blueberries and raspberries, serve a similar purpose in your 40 years. They help maintain collagen levels in the skin and serve as a shield against free radical damage that can lead to pigmentation and wrinkles. Choose serums and moisturizers filled with ingredients such as lutein, resveratrol and alpha lipoic acid to strengthen the skin and improve the complexion.

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    In 50 years

    Moisturizing should be the main focus in 50 years. If you have not done so yet, forget about all the oil-free products (yes, everything) and get ready for more concentrated formulas that will fill your skin with all the nutrients. Ingredients like coconut oil, olive oil and moringa should be in your face cream, serum and mask. These oils help to maintain the balance of moisture in your skin throughout the day.

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