• Kendall Jenner continues to party with Bella and Gigi Hadid

    In early June, Kendall Jenner was caught behind kisses with Anwar Khadid - the brother of Gigi and Bella, bosom buddies Kendall. Then the supermodels advised the girl to stay away from their younger brother, as Anwar, 18, took Kendall's attention very seriously: Bella and Gigi were afraid that a romance with a windy Jenner would break his heart. And yet, apparently, Kendall did not listen to the words of her friends: she continues to spend time with Anwar, and they are often seen together at parties and events.

    “She really likes him,” the source told the Hollywood Life publication. “Anwar makes Kendall feel like a queen, he's a big romantic, and she also finds him damn sexy.” She does not want to hang labels on their relationship, so while they just have fun with each other, and there - who knows, maybe it will grow into something more. "

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