• Just see how the renovation of the facade completely changed the whole house.

    The exterior of the house is what guests who first got into the house pay attention to. If there is no money for expensive repairs, you can significantly improve the appearance of housing, if you pay attention to simple details. Look at how the architect, with simple manipulations, updated these 6 houses! For the most part, he simply used a different paint for the facades, installed the light correctly and added some details, such as a low fence, small beds, and seating for the street. The results are really impressive!

    Upgrade with simple paint

    It looked like a house before work. It clearly lacked accents and a small color variety ...

    After work (update with paint) the house has changed noticeably!

    Correct lines and lighting

    The house looks a bit dull and trite. And what if he adds the right lines and lighting?

    The roof was updated, the lines were highlighted with blue paint, and light was also added to highlight the new advantages of the house.

    Adding Details

    This house looked too empty. He lacks a lot ...

    With other shutters on the windows, a door, a fence, small columns and planted plants the house immediately began to play with new colors.

    Gain an existing style

    This house has its own charm, but it is not brightly underlined.

    A little paint, another shingles, columns, flowers, windows. So the house looks much better.

    Return symmetry

    Symmetry is pleasing to the human eye. Obviously, this house, although it is symmetrical, does not emphasize its merits.

    Greens were removed from the walls to open the door, bright shutters on the windows pay attention to their symmetry, and the overall color scheme is pleasing to the eye. The composition of plants in front of the house completes the picture logically.

    Uncover hidden charm

    In this house, as in many others, the color scheme for the exterior is incorrectly chosen.

    The bright mint shade and the new design of the doors and windows have significantly transformed the look of the whole house!

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