• Julia Franz: "Office romances are frequent"

    The performer of the role of Vika in “Univer” told Wday.ru how she relates to secular parties, love on the set, and shared her plans for the future.

    "I am quick-tempered by nature."

    - To act in a popular TV show is a dream of many. What did you dream of as a child?
    Julia Franz

    - To be a ballerina, so I went to a ballet school in my provincial town where I lived (Julia from Dushanbe. - Ed.). But since we were constantly moving from city to city, this did not work out for me. I first thought about my acting career when I came to a student play at the age of 14.

    Photo: Courtesy of Julia Franz
    - How did you get to Univer?
    Julia Franz

    - Through casting. It lasted a very long time, several months, there was a big selection. As a result, I was approved. The role of Vika was unusual for me, I was interested in my character with interest! It was very curious to work in the genre of the sitcom, which I hadn’t been familiar with before. I especially liked our friendly team and the warm professional atmosphere that prevailed at the site.I really enjoyed shooting, and it’s very difficult to part with it.

    - When you meet with fans on the street, what name do they call you? Ever thought how many selfies do you take in one walk?
    Julia Franz

    - Sometimes, they call me Oksana, sometimes, Vika, sometimes, Julia. But more often they simply approach to get acquainted, as to a recognizable face, they ask to make a selfie. How much for one walk made a selfie ... It's hard to say. In Moscow less often, and in other cities, especially in small ones, they are much more often asked to take pictures. As a rule, these are parks, some public places.

    - Are you yourself very similar to your heroine?
    Julia Franz

    - In something similar, but in something absolutely not. I am by nature quick-tempered and in this, of course, there is a similarity with her. But still it is much more rational than me. I am a human emotion.

    Photo: Courtesy of Julia Franz
    - How do your relatives relate to your popularity?
    Julia Franz

    - I have a very friendly family that supports me in all my endeavors, even those that seem impossible. Especially, of course, this is my mother, whom I love very much.

    “I'm going for 10–15 minutes”

    - How much time do you need to collect - on a regular day and before an important event?
    Julia Franz

    - Actually, I'm going quickly. If you do the makeup yourself, then it is 10−15 minutes.If an important event, I resort to using makeup artists, and this, of course, takes more time.

    Photo: Courtesy of Julia Franz
    - You are one of the most beautiful TNT girls. Do you have any daily secrets for personal care?
    Julia Franz

    - Thanks for the compliment, I am very pleased! There are no special secrets. I noticed that sleep greatly affects me. Whether or not I slept will determine how I look in the morning. Before important events or a long day of shooting, I always try to sleep. And so I have a daily standard care: cleansing of the skin, permanent make-up strongly clogs the pores. Then - moisturizing. And sport, of course, helps to keep yourself in good shape, affects the blood supply.

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