• Jewelery with colored stones + items with sequins

    Irina Shchapova

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    Sequins and jewelry have a lot in common: they help us to look brilliant in every sense on any day of the week. Yes, yes, this is not only about parties, but also about everyday style, when you feel that the desire to dress so that others around you are stronger than any obstacles. With sequins and decorations, it is so simple that you only need to have one skirt or a top with sequins, and a spectacular look is ready for the exit So to shine or not to shine - we have one answer: of course, yes!

    Top with sequins + quartz necklace

    Powder-colored sequins look sophisticated and feminine. What shall we choose as the bottom? We are torn between light blue jeans and palazzo snow white trousers, but we have no doubt about the jewelry - let it be pink quartz.

    Jewelery with colored stones + items with sequins

    Top with sequins H & M (2 549 rub. On discount)necklace SL, rose gold, quartz, diamonds (to order)

    Trousers with sequins + ring with emerald

    Pants, studded with sequins, of course, the evening version. Consider that the top will require modesty from you, and get along with a regular T-shirt or a monophonic top with thin straps. From myself we will add only jewelry on a neck and rings - without them the image will be too boring.

    Jewelery with colored stones + items with sequins

    Pants with sequins Laneus (21,400 rub. At a discount)Sokolov ring, pink gold, emerald, diamonds (to order)

    Skirt with sequins + earrings with rubies

    Mini length skirt in sequins is the undisputed star of parties. By the way, you can also enter her into your everyday wardrobe with the help of a strict jacket and a white shirt. Jewelry in this case will set the degree of the holiday.

    Jewelery with colored stones + items with sequins

    Skirt with sequins Zara (2 999 rub.)earrings SL, silver, rubies, fianits (to order)

    Dress with sequins + bracelet with pearls

    When we say “sequins do not happen much”, we mean just such a dress from sequins. But with decorations for such a dress, and the truth is to be a little more careful: get along with a delicate minimum.

    Jewelery with colored stones + items with sequins

    Dress with sequins Mango (9 999 rub.)bracelet SL, silver, pearl (to order)

    Shoes with sequins + sapphire ring

    The golden rule of sequins: so that the image does not turn out to be too elaborate, choose unobtrusive classic colors and simple styles.The golden rule of jewelry: white gold and sapphires will make any image more luxurious.

    Jewelery with colored stones + items with sequins

    Rochas sequined shoes (19 920 rub.

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