• Jennifer Garner took Ben Affleck to the rehab

    Ben Affleck has been struggling with alcohol addiction for 17 years - with mixed success. Previously, Jennifer Garner helped him a lot in this, but since the couple went to different houses, Ben has to cope himself, and this is much harder: Lindsay Shukus, for example, did not take the situation seriously and often pushed her lover to drink herself, walking with him across the bars. But the last time he underwent treatment was only in December, during their romance! After the producer and the 46-year-old actor broke up last week after a year of relationship, Ben broke loose: a few days ago, a photo hit the Web where the courier gave him a package with bottles of beer and liquor. Then Garner apparently realized that she needed to save her former spouse, and came to his house to take Affleck to a rehabilitation center in Malibu.

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