• Jagdterrier - an unusual and interesting breed of dogs

    If you want to acquire not only a faithful and loyal friend, but also an excellent helper in the hunt, then pay attention to such a breed as the game lizard. But first, learn how to choose a pet, as well as how to care for it.

    What is this breed?

    Yagderter is a small normal dog. Its main purpose is hunting. But such a pet can become an excellent assistant in other spheres. Germany is the birthplace of this breed. It was there that in the 20-30s of the last century, breeders got the idea to hang out a dog with well-developed hunting qualities, but at the same time suitable for other purposes.

    Pretty boy

    After World War II, the breed was almost completely lost, and it was possible to revive it only thirty years later. In the CIS countries, these dogs appeared only in the 70s, and standards for the breed were approved in 1981.


    As you can see in the photo, the size of the representatives of the breed does not differ.The height at the withers is 30-35 centimeters (maximum height is 40 centimeters), and the weight usually ranges from 8 to 9 kilograms for bitches and within 9 to 10 kilograms for males. All yagdterriers have developed musculature and a strong body.

    The paws are not long and strong, the back is straight, the chest is wide, the withers are pronounced. The muzzle is elongated, the parietal part is flat and fairly wide, the jaws are well developed. Ears protruding, fairly wide apart. Eyes small, planted deeply.

    The tail is usually docked at an early age. The coat is dense and dense, has a dark color, turning into a lighter one on the muzzle, paws and chest. There are two varieties: smooth-wool and stiff. Hard-rooted representatives of the breed have a so-called beard, and wool on the limbs and body is longer.

    Character traits

    Jagdterrier have a rather complex and peculiar character. Its main features:

    • Representatives of this breed almost do not get along with other animals, so if the pet you already have, then he will have a hard time.
    • Jagdterrier are great hunters. They are able to take a blood trail and walk on it, as well as to deal with small prey (by the way, they do it skillfully and rather cruelly, that is their nature).
    • These dogs are unfriendly to strangers, and to familiar people, “calf tenderness” is alien to them, because their purpose is hunting.
    • Such a pet has an excellent sense.
    • You will get a good guard from a yagdteriera, but still the predominance of hunting qualities can make the guard ineffective.
    • Representatives of this breed are quite aggressive, they sometimes do not understand childish pranks and can attack children. And yet, if you bring up a pet from an early age, it can be a friend to the child.
    • This is a very brave dog, which is almost impossible to scare. If a large beast gets in the way, the jagd terrier will no doubt attack him.
    • Representatives of this breed are active and love outdoor games, especially those related to stalking.
    • With proper training, the jagdterier will become a full-fledged member of the family, loving their masters and betrayed to them.
    • These dogs are very clever and intelligent.
    • If you do not educate and train the yagdteriera, he can become uncontrollable, stubborn and completely wild.
    • These animals are hardy and adapt to any conditions, and also quickly get used to a new place.
    • If the owner will be in danger, the pet will protect him, even at the cost of his life.
    • All farmer-owners are terrible owners, so they always selflessly protect and win their territory.

    How to choose a puppy?

    Puppies are always like their parents, so if you want to find out what your pet will be like, meet his mom and dad. Take an interest in the qualities of parents, their characteristics. If you want to send your pet to all sorts of competitions in the future, then choose a puppy, whose parents also took part in competitions or even won prizes.

    Smart hunter

    Pay attention to the appearance of the puppy. It should be quite plump and strong, have a shiny and well-groomed wool. If the puppy is thin (the reason may be the lack of required anthelmintic treatment), then its skeleton may form incorrectly, which in the future will lead to serious problems and restrictions.

    The price of puppies in kennels is about 300-400 dollars. You can buy a dog from private breeders for $ 150-200, but still it is better to go to the nursery, because all the documents will be provided to you there.And the puppy contained in the nursery, by the time of sale will be made all vaccinations.

    Where and how to contain?

    It is best of all to keep a jagdter in a private house, apartment conditions will not work, because such a pet needs room for a splash of energy, as well as regular walks. It is desirable and even necessary to take the dog a separate place in which it will sleep, eat and play. Otherwise, the pet will consider that the whole dwelling is its property and will begin to protect its territory from the encroachment of the rest of the family.

    The walks

    Cute dog

    Walking should be regular and daily. It is best to walk with your pet twice a day. In total, the jagdter terrier needs to be in the fresh air for at least three hours a day, and he has to devote most of this time to active games or to fulfill his direct duties, that is, to hunt.


    How to care for a pet? Such a breed of dogs as a yagde terrier does not require complex grooming. A few highlights:

    • To comb the wool in order to avoid entanglement should be once a week.
    • To clean your teeth, use special tools - the so-called cleaning bones.
    • Cleaning the ears should be done as they become dirty.
    • If the claws do not grind off, carefully trim them. But be careful not to touch the blood vessels.
    • Haircut is not required.
    • It is necessary to bathe a dog in process of pollution.


    Yagter terriers are one of the strongest dogs, since they do not have any genetic diseases and weaknesses. Of course, they are not insured against infections and parasitic lesions, but still the immunity is quite strong, so with timely treatment the outcome will be good.

    Some important rules:

    • During the time of the dog do all the necessary vaccinations.
    • Periodically give the pet antihelminthic drugs.
    • During games or hunting, make sure that the pet is not injured.


    Food directly affects the condition of the animal, so vary the diet. It must necessarily include meat, sea fish, dairy products, cereals, vegetables, as well as eggs (preferably only yolks). Puppies need to be fed at least four times a day, and an adult dog will have enough and two or three meals. Do not overfeed the dog and do not allow it to eat from the common table!


    Has a peculiar character

    A few important points of education:

    • Timely socialization is extremely important, so from the earliest age, accustom the pet to people and other animals.
    • The owner should be the authority for the yag-terrier, so that sometimes you need to show rigidity.
    • The pet should understand and observe all prohibitions (their list should be determined by the owner, taking into account the peculiarities of the pet's content).
    • Keep a pet on a leash, teach him to be since childhood.
    • A dog must clearly know its place.


    Important points:

    1. If you plan to raise a hunter, then begin to accustom your pet to hunting from about 6-7 months.
    2. Start training from about three months.
    3. Interest pet.
    4. Encourage your four-legged friend.
    5. Within an hour you can learn 3-4 commands. Difficult to study better in the middle of classes.
    6. The voice should be loud and confident.
    7. Do not slap your pet with your hand; if necessary, use a special whip.

    Love your pet and bring it up correctly so that it will repay you with trust and devotion!

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