• Is the water meter profitable?

    Oksana Logunova
    Oksana Logunova
    February 15, 2013
    Is the water meter profitable?

    In accordance with Federal Law No. 261-F3 of November 23, 2009, homeowners in apartment buildings must have installed individual instruments for metering hot and cold water consumption by July 1, 2012. Many have already installed meters in their apartments, and those who doubt whether a water meter is profitable, together pay bills for its overruns.


    If you live in a regular apartment and only use water for standard human needs, installing meters will result in lower utility bills for water.

    In the case when there is no family member temporarily, you will significantly save on utility payments. Each person living in an apartment consumes on average only 30-50% of the established standard. Per person savings can be up to 500 rubles per month. This will be a tangible amount, especially in the case when fewer people live in the apartment than is written.

    Many people doubt whether water meters are profitable in the case when a larger number of people live in the house than prescribed.However, the difference between the actual water consumption and the standard is so great that even if four people live in the apartment, and only three are registered, the actual consumption of the metering device will be less than indicated in the receipt for the three-person rate. And it is still possible to save a considerable amount on utility bills.

    The payment mechanism is very simple and clear to everyone. Every month you take readings of the instruments and transfer this information to the EIRTS. Data on water consumption can be transmitted by any convenient means of communication: via the Internet, telephone, fax and address forms, personally delivered to the EIRTS.

    When taking readings from the metering device, it is necessary to pay attention to the state of sanitary appliances in the apartment, to monitor the serviceability of the flush tank and all the taps in the bathroom in order to prevent water leakage.

    The service life of the meter depends on the date of its next calibration. Devices come from the factory already attorneys. The verification interval is specified in the technical passport. Gosstandart of the Russian Federation has established the verification interval, which is

    • for meters measuring cold water - not less than 5 years
    • for meters that change hot water - not less than 4 years.

    Now you know whether it is advantageous to install water meters.

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