• Is it possible to squeeze acne and acne

    Infectious blood poisoning

    Squeezing blackheads and acne at home does not guarantee protection against infection of the wound. In consequence, the site of infection begins to fester and does not heal for a long time. Often in this case you have to seek professional help.
    If, when squeezing acne and pimples, you independently disinfect the wound, it will not save you from the formation of new inflammatory foci.This is due to the fact that artificially violating the integrity of the skin walls, you provoke new formations of sebaceous plugs.

    Scars and Scars

    Acne spots, scars and scars are the most common effects of self-removing acne. They heal for a long period, requiring special targeted care. Even in the absence of a scar and scar after squeezing the acne, the skin will recover for a very long time.
    It is worth noting that larger inflammations cause severe pain, even with a slight touch. They are practically on the surface of the skin and as if asking to be removed.In this case, in fact, inflammation can be formed in the deeper layer of the skin. As a result, sooner or later a new pimple forms at this place, which, perhaps, aesthetically will look even worse than the previous one.

    Cosmetic defect of the skin

    In the easiest outcome, if you are overwhelmed by the formation of scars and scars, blood infection, and you bravely endure the painful extrusion procedure, a trace will remain in this place.This may be the formation of a new inflammation or a crust at the wound site.
    In the formation of a crust on the site of extruded acne, such decorative cosmetics as powder, blush and tonal framework are contraindicated. These products can cause infection. Do not forget that at this stage the wound is open. Interacting with cosmetics, damaged skin will begin to react with irritation and swelling.
    If you really need to get rid of acne or blackheads as a matter of urgency, seek help from a qualified professional. He, taking into account the individual characteristics of your skin, will select a special range of cosmetic skin care products and eliminate inflammation with the help of salon procedures.
    To permanently get rid of acne and blackheads, you need a comprehensive approach to the problem.Do not forget that the inflammation of the skin is often associated with the diet. Discuss this question with a specialist.

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