• Is it possible to open a PI for a worker?

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    Is it possible to open a PI for a worker?

    The question of individual entrepreneurship has already been considered in one of the articles of our Internet resource, but in a slightly different aspect. The time has come to answer this question to working people and those who wish to jointly conduct business. Reluctance to seek professional help from a professional lawyer can be compensated by the knowledge of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. Handwriting the use of legal documents in relation to the conduct of a personal matter will be very useful, saving you not only additional costs, but also, and most importantly, will allow you to understand all aspects of this issue yourself.

    Requirements regulated by law

    Article 18 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation gives the right to "engage in entrepreneurial and any other activity not prohibited by law" to any citizen of the Russian Federation who has reached the age of majority or who has full civil rights.

    Article 23 of the Civil Code p.1 also allows the citizen of the Russian Federation to engage in entrepreneurial activities from the moment of registration of an individual entrepreneur, taking into account that a legal entity will not be registered.

    Also, the procedure described in the federal law "On the registration of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs" Chapter VII.1, does not impose additional requirements on the place of the citizen's work activities at the opening of the IP.

    As we see the Civil Code, and other legislative acts do not prohibit the registration of an individual entrepreneur, without the formation of a legal entity. However, they do not impose additional conditions on the commission of this act of legal action of a citizen. For greater confidence in the commission of their actions, it is necessary to familiarize themselves with the procedure for registering the IP, and finally to ascertain whether it is possible to work and be an IP at the same time.

    Combination of work activities with IP

    Exceptions to the general rules are employees of the state and municipal services, as well as employees in law enforcement. If you do not fall under these criteria, then the question: is it possible to open the IE for the employee, we answer: "yes".Only it should be borne in mind that individual commercial activities will need to be combined with the main place of work, and this will require additional time, and your own strength and energy.

    It is well to weigh all the pros and cons, coming to the final decision-making: to formalize the IP, while still working. Can you then give a full guarantee that you will keep up at your workplace, conducting your own business activities.

    The author�s view of the issue�s perspective is as follows. To reach the top and become a professional in their field, perhaps only in one direction. It is necessary to determine the more attractive side of the activity and follow the intended path.

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