• Can I forgive treason?

    Treason never happens out of nowhere, it "suddenly" does not happen. If a person is satisfied with everything in a partner, then he will not go to the side. This does not mean that the betrayal that has occurred means that the one who has been changed is bad. Cheat and very good husbands and wives. It's just that if a person decided to commit adultery, then something VERY MUCH was lacking in you.

    Is it possible to forgive treason

    So, it should be understood that the reason for treason is not just in the desire for thrills, as they can be obtained together. The reason is that you didn’t give him anything — not who went to treason, but who you changed.

    Therefore, forgive betrayal can and should be, but not a partner, namely himself. Forgive yourself for the fact that the other turned out to be better than you, that the other could give your loved one what you did not give.

    What will happen if this is not understood and not forgive yourself? If you forgive your partner, but do not forgive yourself, the relationship will collapse from the inside: a loved one will not receive due trust after the betrayal, he will hear eternal mentions of how he stumbled, and you will not be able to trust him anymore, because settled fear of repetition of betrayal.Fear will not go away until you are aware of what was missing in you, because of what he changed, what you need to forgive in yourself and what to give to him. If you do not forgive neither the partner nor yourself, but will seek new relationships, you can very soon step on the same rake, and so your whole life ...

    Is it possible to forgive the betrayal of a husband, and is it possible to forgive the betrayal of a wife? Of course, it is possible and very necessary! When you understand what happened, when you forgive yourself, all resentment and pain will go away. You will understand that ahead with your beloved you are really waiting for a great relationship if you give him what he lacked, if you don’t hang the stamp of a traitor on him, if you discuss the problem together. And if the desire to be with a partner is no longer there, and that is wonderful! Forgive treason - does not mean to stay with a man. You have forgiven yourself, the realization of a mistake will never allow you to step on the same rake in new, full-fledged and better relations with another person.

    Forgive betrayal of a girl or a guy can be. Forgiveness involves not only accepting the fact that has happened, forgiveness is also the removal of the cause of betrayal. Note the elimination of the cause, not the person! Forgive treason - it means to realize, accept, believe and fix. The agony, the pain will disappear when it comes to awareness.

    Why is acceptance and awareness of fact so important? Some psychologists advise figuratively to draw treason and bury deep, deep, as if to let go. We will not agree with this advice, so you will not accept what happened, you will “bury”, “hide” all your feelings, but you need to be aware of it. Figuratively speaking, buried somewhere may emerge, the fear of his return will always be with you.

    You can forgive betrayal, just forgive yourself for the fact that someone has surpassed you. Here in this case, treason will strengthen the marriage, and not destroy it. Discuss what happened to your partner. Further relations are possible if both partners strive for them, want to change everything and adjust.

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