• Is it possible to control the thoughts of another person?

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    Mina Murray
    Mina Murray
    Answered on November 28, 2014 21:27
    Yes you can! But if a person is influenced by others, hypnosis, suggestion. There are several ways to influence. Firstly, you yourself must have a very strong energy - if this is not the case, then pay attention to increasing energy. First you need to make an adjustment to the person: mirror his position, adjust to the breath, say, at the same pace - become his double. Imagine your aura. If you can see the aura, then this is a big plus. Mentally stretch your aura and capture the person you are working on. Imagine your energy envelopes merging together. After that, focus your attention on the human Ajna-chakra (third eye). Instill in him the necessary. For example: "Now you go there somewhere." There is another option - you have to imagine that your etheric body moves into another person. You look at the world through his eyes, think, do everything as he does.Do what you need or think about what you want to impress and then abruptly return to your body. To succeed, you need to practice, to engage in spiritual practices, meditation. Never inspire negative and aggressive thoughts, and in general, take such an experiment seriously. Do not do this for fun.

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