• Is it contagious?

    Yuri Belousikov
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    Is it contagious?

    The issue of infectious lichen always raises a lot of controversy. In fact, there are several types of depriving, and asking the question of whether a versicolor is contagious, you definitely need to clarify what type of deprivation you are talking about.

    Is pink versicolor contagious?

    This type of lichen is the least infectious among all. Pink man can become infected only when his immune system is weakened. Infection with rosy lichen is most often observed in spring. After winter, a person�s immunity is weakened due to the long lack of adequate nutrition and the presence of cold infections, which could also seriously affect health. The fact is that the pink lichen, according to the doctors, is not a purely infectious disease, but rather an infectious-allergic one. And since allergens affect not every organism, the pink lichen virus acts selectively. The most interesting thing is that, as such, the virus of pink lichen has not yet been found, more precisely, it is not clear what kind of bacterium is its causative agent.We emphasize once again that in order to contract rosy lichen, a person�s immunity should be seriously weakened.

    Is shingles contagious?

    As for shingles, its infectiousness directly depends on whether a person has previously suffered from such an infection as chicken pox. If a person in childhood or at another age was sick with chickenpox, then herpes zoster is absolutely not dangerous for him, since he has developed immunity to such viruses. But if a person did not suffer from chickenpox until the moment of contact with another person or an animal infected with shingles, such contact could provoke an infection. However, it is necessary to recognize that infection with shingles is possible only in the case when new bubbles appear on the patient's body.

    But after the bubbles have ceased to act and dried up, the risk of contracting shingles is nearing zero. Moreover, if the protruding bubbles are covered with clothes, then it is also practically impossible to get infected. However, this is not a reason to neglect the means of protection against infection.

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