• IPad, what is it?

    The word “iPad” or “iPad” is widely known today, everyone knows about the existence of this computer: from babies to old people. But, you see, not every one of us can tell in detail on the fly, the iPad, what it is. So let's spend a small educational program on this topic.

    The very first iPad was released by Apple Inc. in the recent 2010. However, in such a short period of time, this device has spread and loved by millions of people around the world. Ipad is a mobile computer with a touch screen that can provide internet access.

    Since 2010, Apple has already released 4 versions of these tablets, improving their inventions with each new generation of mobile computers.

    Tablet features

    • Access to the Internet
    • Ability to use a large number of games
    • Plays video and audio files.
    • You can take pictures and view photos
    • Ability to use Web - based applications, for example, to call on Skype.

    A tablet is often compared in terms of functionality to a laptop, both of which are mobile and relatively compact. However, the tablet has several advantages.

    • It can work offline for a long time.
    • It is not so expensive.
    • It has a sensitive screen, thanks to which even a child can use it.
    • You can easily install and uninstall programs.
    • It weighs little, so it is convenient to carry it all the time, almost like a mobile phone.

    IPad 2

    Following the iPad, the iPad 2 appears on March 2, 2011, what kind of computer is it and how does it differ from the previous one?

    To visualize the differences between the first and second versions, we will list the advantages of the second over the first:

    1. The iPad 2 is 4.6 mm thinner and lighter by 80 g.
    2. It has an A5 processor, that is, a dual-core processor, unlike the previous one with an A4 processor. Therefore, the second model has a higher speed.
    3. He has available two cameras and a gyroscope.
    4. The operative memory of the second Aypad model is twice as large as its predecessor (512 instead of 256)
    5. A little big built-in battery allows you to work longer.
    6. The second iPad was equipped with an improved graphics core.

    IPad 3

    But time and technical progress do not stand still, and now after the appearance of the second version, an iPad 3 appears on the shelves of the stores. Let's try to figure out what the new product is.

    IPad 3 differs not so much in size and weight as in technical characteristics.

    • The third iPad has an excellent quality LCD display with a resolution of 2048x1536 (On the previous model 1024x768).
    • It has an A5X processor, and 1 GB RAM (as opposed to 512 MB on an iPad 2)
    • With increased loads, this model can also work up to 10 hours without recharging, however, it will take longer to charge the tablet.
    • A good camera of 5 megapixels allows you to take photos of higher quality than the previous model.

    IPad 4

    IPad 4, what is it? At the end of October 2012, the fourth-generation iPad appeared, even more advanced and advanced.

    1. The first difference is that it is a powerful A6X processor.
    2. This model has acquired a Lightning connector and 4G LTE network support. Naturally, it supports all other networks.
    3. The size and weight of the model has decreased. Now the tablet has become possible to easily hold in one hand even a child. 10 inch screen reduced to 7
    4. Memory capacity is 4 16, 32 or 64 GB, depending on the model.
    5. The model has a 4 core graphics processor and a photo camera.
    6. The new model is more productive, allows you to work up to 10 hours in video mode, and in the standby state up to 1 month. Its screen is covered with a special glass that is resistant to scratches.

    The 7 inch tablet screen is sometimes called the iPad mini version.Although the technical characteristics and price it is not at all different from the iPad 4. So, if you have a question on the iPad Mini, what it is, then let's say right away - it was created for those who want to have a smaller model, but the same in quality .

    Thus, knowing the main differences between the models of iPad, you can choose the one that meets your requirements for the technical characteristics and capabilities of a mobile computer.

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