• Interior 2015: fashion trends

    Having started repairs in the house, you need to decide on the main design concept, starting from which you can allocate the budget and plan repairs. To do this, you need to delve into the world of interior ideas that are relevant at the moment, among which you should choose the one that suits you best so that you don’t have to change the situation again next year. In a renovated house, every single element, whether it be furniture or household appliances, must fulfill its functional purpose, so it is better to know in advance where a high-quality repair of Electrolux washing machines, ovens and other appliances is made in order to be aware of where to turn in case of breakdown.

    Major Trends

    The principle of naturalness and simplicity. To achieve exclusive design this season, you can safely combine antiques with modern materials. Floral prints and imitation of broken brick in the decoration of the walls combine with wooden products, because everything connected with nature is welcome in the interior.

    The Scandinavian style of "taxis" this year.The simplicity and conciseness inherent in it, very well combined with pastel shades of walls and functional furniture.

    Use white as a base. On such a white “canvas” you can endlessly create and turn dark rooms into light and cozy.

    White and black in the interior. A balanced combination of these two classic shades “will play” in a new way, and combining them with bright elements, mirrors and gold picture frames, you can get the effect of a holistic harmonious picture. The main thing - do not depart from the classics.

    The principle: "what I see, I sing." There is no need to invent something, but do what you like. Like the sea and sand - transfer these shades to your home, like a green lawn with wildflowers - use green, yellow and red.

    The main trend in the design of housing are old things that have received a new life in a transformed form. An old chest of drawers, a chair or a wardrobe restored with the help of decoupage will become stylish elements in the interior and will last for a long time. Give a new life and home appliances - repair of washing machines Kaiser will extend their life for a long time.

    Having painted the walls with special paint, you can leave different inscriptions on the walls. Today it is very fashionable and suitable for those who are not ready for a major overhaul, but want to bring a “note of freshness” into their comfortable home.

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