• Interesting now kebbe

    If you have tried kebbe at least once, then you will surely be delighted with this interesting and satisfying dish. And although it seems rather complicated, in fact it is easy to prepare at home if you know the basic rules and use special tools.

    The essence of the dish

    What it is? Under the kebbe means a dish, which is a kind of sausages stuffed with stuffing. The sausages themselves are traditionally made of lamb, although other types of meat are also suitable, such as beef, veal, pork. But the stuffing is added to the mince, which makes the "skeleton" more dense.

    Filling can also be meat, but you can experiment. It is best to do the foundation using a meat grinder. Modern models are equipped with many nozzles, among which is a special nozzle for kebbe.

    How to cook?

    How to cook a real kebbe? We offer some interesting recipes.


    Ingredients for the basics:

    • 500 grams of lamb;
    • one red onion;
    • one glass of bulgur (wheat cereal);
    • water;
    • pepper and salt to taste.

    For filling:

    • 100 grams of mutton fat;
    • 200 or 300 grams of lamb;
    • half a cup of pine or walnuts;
    • one red onion;
    • parsley;
    • two or three tablespoons of vegetable oil;
    • spices and salt to taste.


    1. First you need to prepare bulgur. To do this, simply immerse it in water and leave for half an hour, so that the groats are swollen. Then squeeze the bulgur and place in a dry container so that it is a little dry.
    2. Now do some lamb for the base. It must be washed well, freed from veins and fat, and cut into small pieces.
    3. Onion peel and cut the head into several pieces.
    4. Now skip the lamb with onions in a meat grinder, then add bulgur, pepper and salt, mix everything well. As a result, you get a rather dense and homogeneous mass.
    5. Now go to the cooking stuffing. Lamb is washed, fat can not be removed, since the filling should be quite oily.
    6. Then peel the onion and chop it with a knife.
    7. Wash greens and chop with a knife.
    8. Chop the peeled nuts but not much.
    9. Heat oil in a pan and fry lamb with nuts and onions on it.At the end add chopped greens, seasonings and salt.
    10. Get down to building a foundation. Connect the kebbe attachment to the grinder and feed the base through it. As a result, you get hollow sausages.
    11. Fill the sausages with stuffing, connect the edges.
    12. The last stage is directly heat treatment. In a frying pan with high edges or in a skillet, heat the lamb fat and fry it in a kebbe.


    This recipe involves the use as a filling of vegetables. The base itself will be made from beef. Ingredients:

    For the basics:

    • 600 grams of beef;
    • onion head;
    • a glass of bulgur;
    • half a glass of water;
    • salt;
    • mixture of peppers.

    For filling:

    1. 1 zucchini;
    2. one sweet pepper;
    3. one carrot;
    4. one onion;
    5. dill or parsley;
    6. half a glass of vegetable oil;
    7. salt and seasonings.


    1. First prepare the base. To do this, wash the beef and cut it into pieces of medium size (they should easily go into the meat grinder). Onions should be peeled and cut into several pieces. Grind beef in a meat grinder with onions. Bulgur pour water, and after 15-20 minutes, squeeze and mix with minced meat, adding a mixture of peppers and salt.
    2. Now go to the cooking stuffing. Peel and finely chop the onion with a knife.Wash carrots well and rub on a large grater. Peel Bulgarian pepper, remove the stalk from the core, then cut into small cubes. You can pour it with boiling water and peel. Peel zucchini and also cut into cubes of small sizes. Wash greens, dry and chop or grab by hand.
    3. Preheat about 3-5 tablespoons of vegetable oil in a pan, fry all the prepared vegetables until ready. At the end, add greens, seasonings and salt.
    4. Now pass the mass for the base through the meat grinder, putting on the nozzle for kebbe. Fill the sausages with the filling and fry them in the remaining butter until golden.

    How to serve?

    It is best to serve kebbe hot with any side dishes, with sauces, with sour cream or even with yogurt.

    Helpful Tips

    A few recommendations:

    1. If you do not have a special nozzle, do not despair, because the basis can be done with your hands. To do this, form sausages with mincemeat and remove the middle with your hands or a spoon.
    2. It is advisable to get all the ingredients from the refrigerator in advance so that they acquire room temperature.
    3. If the base is too dry, you can add some cold water to the mince.
    4. Instead of bulgur, in principle, you can use any other cereal, for example, millet, buckwheat or rice. But whole grains are better to grind on a coffee grinder, that the basis had a homogeneous consistence.
    5. If you are accustomed to eat only dietary and healthy food, then you can not fry kebbe in large quantities of oil (this is harmful for the figure and for health), and bake in the oven or even cook steamed. The dish will turn out not less tasty, but at the same time also useful.

    Be sure to please loved ones or guests with such an interesting dish!

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