• Igor Sarukhanov showed his country house

    Composer Igor Sarukhanov is convinced: if toys are scattered in all rooms, this is normal.

    - I first came to this village near Zvenigorod in 1997. Then it was not fashionable to live in the area. After all, the whole movement, parties were in Moscow. Where did this craving for nature come from? It seems to be still young. But I saw which landscape was opened from a hillock on which the site was located, which distance was. I decided to build. The project house developed himself. Drew a drawing of the building in three-dimensional space. I was lucky with the workers, they understood me perfectly, everything was done quickly and clearly. There is already a party moved to me. There were so many guests that they had nowhere to lay for the night. The little house began to grow rapidly. First, a large annex building appeared, and when it was no longer enough, a separate guest house. In the courtyard, they dug a pool, equipped a recreation area with sun beds and a barbecue. When everything was ready, I invited my uncle here to brag.He drove him into rooms, they say, look what a bourgeois, oligarch, how much is there. He walked around the mansion, looked, and then said: “No, Igor, this is not a house. So, building. It will become a home when comfort appears and children's laughter begins to sound. ” I remembered his words well.

    Female kingdom

    And now, 13 years ago, Tanya was brought here (the wife of the artist. - Note. "Antennas"). Then daughters were born: Lyubasha and Rosochka (now they are 8 and a half years old. - Approx. "Antennas"). By the way, with their appearance, the house has undergone modifications. From the second floor I was evicted. There is now a female kingdom. I moved to the office. The basement, where there was once a billiard room, turned into a nursery. We laid a carpet there, set up desks. On the stairs they installed “anti-lovers”, special partitions so that the child did not accidentally fall down, which now became “anti-slashes”. Toys and children's books are scattered throughout the house. But I think it should be so. Tanya took full care of the children, she needed to erect a monument for this. Always with them. She is responsible for severity. I can't be harsh with my daughters, it doesn't work. It cost me time to give a starkog, and this one, easy, so Lyubasha could not come to herself for two days. Dad could not scold her! As soon as I did not apologize to her.If he had a son, he would take care of himself. By the way, I offered my wife another boy to give birth, and she replied: “I have a very strong kick”. She reacted in such a way, since this proposal was sounded two hours after the birth of Roza. But seriously, she is not up to it. In addition to raising children and the household, she has a job. Tanyusha is a member of the Union of Artists of Russia. Her paintings are in demand. And for a personal exhibition you need to write at least 40 works. When to do it? So I understand her. We sometimes have no time to talk together. Sometimes children fall asleep, only then we sit down - we chat.

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