• Ideas for decoration will make you fall in love with polystyrene foam once and for all

    Expanded polystyrene is widely used in floristics. On the basis of this material are created bouquets and compositions of artificial flowers. But as it turned out, this material is great for decorating and creating unusual things for the interior. Soft polystyrene keeps its shape well and perfectly captures the different parts.

    All buttons

    Create an original decoration in a futuristic style. To do this, cover the ball of polystyrene foam stationery buttons with wide caps. Such buttons are colored, or metallized. Choose the option to your taste. Attach the buttons so that the covers overlap a little, without leaving any space.

    Acorn buttons

    Styrofoam is used to form the acorn cap. Cut the ball in half and use a spoon to remove some material so that the cap is empty.Fix it to the fabric, fixing it with hot glue. For the bottom you need an egg of foam, pas size smaller than the ball. Attach the buttons to the shades of brown with pins with colored tips. Connect the two parts of the acorn, smearing the cap from the inside with glue. Additional fixation will provide a small sprig on top.

    Textile Pumpkins

    Bright ripe pumpkins themselves serve as an excellent interior decoration. But do not wait until the vegetables are spoiled. Prepare soup or porridge, leaving only the tail for decoration. Cut the ball into slices. Cover each piece with a cloth in orange tones. You can use one fabric for a pumpkin, or you can choose a different color for each individual slice. Glue the tail on top. Your pumpkin is ready.

    Topiary from old newspapers

    Simple, but very spectacular decoration. You will need scissors that form a zigzag edge (they are sold in stores for sewing and are used to prevent the edge of the fabric from shedding). Cut the newspaper into identical rectangles. Each of them fold four times. Each of the resulting corners stick into a foam ball. Fix the topiary on the glass.

    Burlap flap topiary

    Another easy way to create beautiful jewelry. Cut the burlap into squares of the same size. Attach each square to the foam ball with a sewing pin. Fix the ball on the stem, which is placed in a pot for indoor plants.

    Decor of burlap and twine

    Wrap the balls of different size burlap. It is best to use a fabric of different shades. Secure the burlap with twine. Such balls can be hung around the room or folded in a decorative basket.

    Decorate the balls with candies, beans or nuts.

    Such balls will look very bright and original. You can use any sweets or other treats. Serve these balls to the table in martini glasses or on candlesticks.

    Balls decorated with beans or beans can not be, but they look very nice in the interior.

    The fastest topiary

    Decorate the ball for topiary colored tape or wrapping paper. In addition, these balls can be placed in a large dish or basket.

    Stand for small cupcakes

    Secure the cupcakes in a large foam ball with wooden toothpicks.Fill the vacant place with wrapping paper. Put a bowl of muffins in a pot for indoor plants. A lovely sweet bouquet is ready.

    Serve the guests sweet marmalade

    Another type of sweets that looks great on a foam ball is fruit marmalade. Use toothpicks like muffins. You can add a little decor of paper ribbons.

    Classic approach

    You can use foam balls for their intended purpose and fix flowers in them. They will be a great home decoration.

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