• I want to know how to read tea leaves. Please tell me who knows.

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    Answered on November 18, 2014 15:29
    To read the tea leaves, you need, first of all, to develop your intuition. Do not believe the standard descriptions of the type - scissors means luck, and the snake - to the trouble. For you, these signs may have a completely different meaning. Symbols must be interpreted individually. At first, read only yourself, check the truth of fortune-telling. Try to interpret something that is not logical - like a cross - it probably means something bad, listen to your feelings. Now directly tips on divination ritual: • Brew coffee in the Turk, at the rate of about 3 teaspoons of ground coffee per cup; • While making coffee, clearly state your question; • Use a white cup with smooth walls - on a white background, the pattern will stand out more clearly; • Do not add sugar and milk, drink slowly cooked coffee; • Do not drink everything to the end, even if some liquid remains on the bottom; • Take a white saucer, twist the liquid a little in the cup, overturn the cup on the saucer so that the liquid flows down; • If you are right handed, do a divination with your left hand, if left-handed - the opposite. Using a non-leading hand activates an intuitive start; • Wait a little while the drawing is finally shaped. Look at the drawings on the saucer and in the cup. Try to interpret what you see.
    Olya Razina
    Olya Razina
    Answered on November 18, 2014 15:58
    And I heard that not everyone can guess at coffee. It is necessary that the gift was to accurately predict and feel the coffee.

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