• I want to collect your comp. Tell me how to do it.

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    Answered on November 27, 2014 12:46
    First of all, you need to relate your budget and why you need a computer. The usual working computer can do quite inexpensively. But on the gaming machine will have to fork out ... First you need to choose the case of the system unit. Again, if you need a gambling computer, then you need to buy a large and well-blown body. Next, choose the motherboard from it depends on the choice of the format of the RAM (DDR3, etc.), as well as all sorts of other connectors. Quite tolerable motherboard can be found up to $ 300. But then you have to choose a video card, RAM, etc. Pay attention to the power supply. You should choose it wisely so that your computer does not burn out. Most often, the required power for all components is summed up. The best option 650-700vt. Building a computer today is quite simple. In the case fix the motherboard. You attach to it vidyahu, insert the RAM. Coolers are inserted, as a rule, from the side and from behind (except for coolers on the motherboard and video card).Last, attach the hard drive, optical drive and card reader (if you need one). If difficulties arise, there are quite a few different guides on this matter on the Internet.

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