• I sleep badly at night: what to do?

    Sleep is one of the primary needs of our body. During sleep, the body rests, the brain relaxes. Lack of sleep affects well-being and appearance in general. However, not everyone is lucky with a good sleep, and some may be wondering: “I do not sleep well at night, what should I do?” Our article will help you cope with insomnia, in which we will analyze its causes and give some useful recommendations.

    Causes of sleep disorders

    Experts believe that it is enough for our body to spend 6 hours a day in a dream. This time is enough for the brain to rest. And if during the day you feel sleepy - it is not necessary that you want to sleep. It may be banal fatigue.

    Also, do not underestimate the internal biorhythms of each person. The fact is that not in vain many people want to sleep at 22.00, and one hour, spent in a dream before midnight, is two after. Of course, each organism is individual, so it is best to go to bed when you yourself strongly want this.The causes of poor sleep include many different factors, such as:

    • uncomfortable bed;
    • ambient noise;
    • body discomfort (eg, heaviness in the abdomen, etc.);
    • stress, depression.

    Also, do not be zealous with active physical exertion: you do not need to watch heavy films at night and sit at the computer less than two hours before bedtime. Men have a positive effect on sex before bedtime - they usually fall asleep quickly afterwards, but women, on the contrary.

    Next, we note that a full dinner before bedtime with coffee or strong tea will also not be reflected in the best way on your falling asleep. You can learn more about the causes of insomnia from our article. I don’t want to sleep, what to do, and we turn to recommendations for improving sleep.

    What will help you fall asleep

    • In the warm season it is best to sleep on linen or silk sheets, and in the cold give your preference to sheets made of wool.
    • Clothes for sleep, choose from natural fabrics such as cotton, avoid synthetics or sleep naked.
    • Try to warm up your feet and face before going to bed - it helps you fall asleep.
    • A walk before bed for 30 minutes will also contribute to a good sleep.
    • Breathing exercises at bedtime for 5-7 minutes will help you relax.Just inhale deeply and exhale slowly, and try to focus on breathing.
    • Try several times a day (about 30 minutes) to take a herbal bath, adding to the water a decoction of rosemary, linden or the collection of "calendula - train - chamomile - mint - oregano".
    • Do yoga, it also relaxes.

    And it is also very useful to sleep on a hard pillow, for example, on a roller. Placing the neck on such a pillow, you will correct the position of the cervical vertebrae. And also gradually will pass headaches, diseases of the eyes, ears, nose and others. On the soft cushion, on the contrary, the vertebral functions are limited, and after such a dream you may have back pain and more.

    Do not use often sleeping pills, most of them are addictive, and the real help from pills is at best only for a few days. Best of all try herbal teas that help to fall asleep. Let's look at several options for tea.

    • Plain tea + chamomile. A decoction of 20 grams of mint, 25 grams of valerian root, 5 grams of stem of oregano, 5 grams of stem of clover, 5 grams of hawthorn flowers. You need to pour herbs 500 ml of boiling water, let it brew, and then take half a cup before eating.
    • If you have problems with the nervous system, the following decoction will help: tansy, calendula, oregano (1 tbsp to a glass of boiling water). It is necessary to accept such broth 3 times a day. When serious violations of the nervous system should drink this broth for 3 months.
    • A strong effect for falling asleep gives a decoction of lemon balm, and it can be combined with mint, oregano and other herbs.

    Solve problems with sleep will help you our article How to restore sleep. Also, a lot of useful information on sleep and dreams, you can learn from our sleep section. In addition, you may be interested to learn about people's observations about improving sleep.

    "Harmful" and "helpful" places to sleep

    There are so-called "harmful" places to sleep. They can be determined from the geobiological grid from north to south: the lines of force in such a grid run at intervals of 2 meters, and from east to west - a little more than 2.5 m. . You can determine if there is such a zone in your house with the help of an improvised pendulum (a pebble on a chain).

    In the zone where the lines intersect, the pendulum will rotate clockwise, and on the lines counterclockwise.And it is best to put the bed in this place, and, headboard to the north. If your bed is in an unfavorable zone, simply place amber, mirror, marble, garlic or chestnut under it.

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