• I sent two emails. Mail.ru on category Answers, section Policy

    I sent two letters Mail.ru by category Answers section Policy

    Meria had a long time ago a number of questions about the design of the site with the Answers section, which, after a change, have already made work on this page difficult for a year. 1. why do trolls have a counter for a few months, according to the Regulations by 8 points 2. when blocking them during the day, the question remains dialed completely from obscene words, 3. why the program of the site misses the mat and porn photos and pictures, but moderators do not always see, and on the site there are elementary school students 4. why you do not block them completely and do not block access to such persons, do not control them over IP and allow you to create an account again after the second letter I received a formal reply, although I accused them of intentionally using the page of the site to analyze the situation in Ukraine between users of both countries. how can you bring everything to human dialogue ?.
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    Answered 25 march 2015 16:48
    Apparently, the moderators there do not work well or do not monitor the status of the section at all. And what is written in the formal reply? I think that there is nothing intentional, just different people write, who thinks like.
    Answered 25 march 2015 16:51
    It is possible to lead to a human dialogue only with the consent of the parties, hence the word dialogue.

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