• Can't get pregnant - what to do?

    One day, every woman realizes that she wants to be a mother. But pregnancy is like a lottery. Even the most reliable means of contraception do not give one hundred percent certainty, and the girl becomes pregnant, completely unwilling. It happens the other way around: a couple wants a child for a long time, and it’s impossible to conceive. In such cases, women often ask: "I can not get pregnant. What to do?"

    Reasons Why You Can't Get Pregnant

    • female or male infertility
    • diseases that reduce the chance of getting pregnant
    • partner incompatibility
    • unsuccessfully chosen time for conception

    As for the first three problems, only a doctor can help solve them, as well as special examinations and subsequent treatment.

    It happens that the incompatibility of partners can not be fixed. In this case, unfortunately, the woman will have to conceive from another man or couple to adopt a child.

    But as for the last problem, you can try to solve it at home.

    To do this, a woman must be well versed in her menstrual cycle.In this case, to get pregnant, a woman needs to keep a monthly calendar. You can conduct it in the form convenient for you. You can use a special calendar in which you will highlight the days when menstruation occurs. You can record the days when menstruation occurs on a separate sheet, while you can characterize each day (for example: April 5 - scanty discharge, April 6 - strong, April 7 - normal).

    To lead such a calendar is useful for every woman. First, a woman will know the average length of her period and her period. The menstrual cycle is the number of days from the first day of one menstruation to the first day of the next. Secondly, a woman can quickly find out about the delay and consult a doctor in time. And finally, thirdly, a woman will be able to calculate the most favorable time for conception. So, if you can not get pregnant, you must determine the period of ovulation. This is the time when the chance of getting pregnant is highest. Ovulation - the readiness of a ripe egg to connect with the sperm. The period of ovulation lasts a very short period of time (only 12-48 hours), and after that the egg cell dies.Getting to the time of ovulation is difficult enough, so many women can not get pregnant for a long time.

    The menstrual calendar will help you to determine ovulation most accurately. The longer you keep the calendar, the better, because it's easier to determine the average of the menstrual cycle.

    How to determine ovulation?

    To begin, determine the average number of days of the menstrual cycle. Then we must subtract from this number 14 (the average number of days spent on menstruation and the preparation of a new egg). The resulting number is the approximate day of the menstrual cycle on which you ovulate. Do not confuse it with a calendar number, as they may not match. Calculation example: 28 days (cycle) - 14 days (period of menstruation and preparation) = 14 day. At about the 14th day of the menstrual cycle, a woman with such indicators has the greatest chance of conceiving a child. However, we must remember that the results are approximate, so you need to pay special attention to 1-2 days before and after ovulation. Well, you have determined your ovulation period.

    What should I do to get pregnant faster?

    If you want to get pregnant quickly, then a number of simple rules can help you in this matter:

    • The period of ovulation and 1-2 days before and after it is the most suitable time for you.Actively have sex these days.
    • Remember that sperm live in the body of a woman for 7 days. Therefore, active sex can be practiced a week before ovulation.
    • You can try to conceive in the period after the month before the next menstruation will be 6-10 days.

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