• Hypnosis is magic or science.

    What is hypnosis

    The human brain consists of neurons - nerve cells, which can be both in a state of arousal and in a state of inhibition. In the case of the predominance of arousal, the person is awake, when braking - he is sleeping. Hypnosis is a focus of excitation of inhibited bark and disabled consciousness. That is why hypnotized people cannot critically evaluate the instructions or commands given to them by the hypnotist. They can not logically comprehend them, but the focus of excitation allows them to follow the instructions.
    In essence, hypnosis is an intermediate state between wakefulness and sleep, which is “guarded” by the so-called rapport zone.
    The rapport zone is a contact zone through which the hypnotist provides communication with the person being hypnotized through verbal verbal commands. This zone is located in the auditory zone of the cerebral cortex and allows the hypnotized person to perceive the commands of the hypnotist.As a result of hypnosis, people fall into an altered state of consciousness, accompanied by deep trance. Thus, there is nothing magical about hypnosis.

    Hypnosis features

    Man daily falls into hypnosis, which is a dream that the brain needs to process and structure external information - this unique opportunity is inherent in people by nature itself. The sleep phases themselves are rather transient, while the state of hypnosis artificially stretches the process of falling asleep in time with the help of special techniques and techniques used by the hypnotist. After creating a zone of rapport and establishing verbal contact with a hypnotized subject, the hypnotist makes the necessary corrections in his subconscious and gains control over it.
    Only oligophrenics, schizophrenics, as well as people with mental retardation and various mental illnesses can not be hypnotized.
    Hypnosis can be called self-hypnosis, since a hypnotist is only a catalyst for a process that creates all the necessary conditions for entering into a trance and controlling a person. Therefore, hypnosis is called the interaction of two people, and not a duel of minds.In a state of hypnosis, the brain turns off the critical control over the consciousness, and any information falls directly into the subconscious of the person, bypassing logical and critical understanding. With the help of hypnosis, hypnotherapists can encode, zombie, discover new mental and physical abilities, using parts of the brain that can be turned on only in the state of hypnotic trance.

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